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This animation includes a step-through and narrated version that explains the importance of reflex arcs and how these... see more

This site provides two interactive activities pertaining to evolution. The first animation, The Big Picture, includes... see more

This site includes two actitivities pertaining to evolution. The first animation, The Big Picture, provides information... see more

This site examines the steps involved in meiosis, a process in which a parent cell divides to produce cells with half the... see more

Metabolic processes concern the entire organism. Metabolic processes are not evenly distributed between the different... see more

Metabolism is an assortment of reactions where biomolecules are broken down and converted to useful forms. This animation... see more

Gluconeogenesis is the process by which glucose is synthesized from smaller, simpler molecules such as lactate and... see more

During the Fatty Acid Metabolism animation, students will learn and review the process of the metabolism of fatty acids... see more

This animation provides information about the various factors that influence substrate binding as well as past and... see more

Enzymes catalyze reactions as well as performing many other functions. This animation focuses on enzyme inhibition. The... see more

This animation provides colorful interactive pictures and information about the process of DNA replication such as the... see more

This animation provides a beautiful representation of the Cori Cycle. The Cori Cycle is a pathway in carbohydrate... see more

This site provides an array of animations pertaining to genetic disorders. There are animations on how normal meiosis,... see more

Eukaryotic genes generally contain introns which have to be removed after transcription. This video contains information... see more

Once the mRNA molecule is transported to the cytosol, ribosomes begin to translate the mRNA sequence into amino acids.... see more

This animation provides a step-through mode or a narrated mode covering the process of protein secretion. It gives a... see more

This short film gives material regarding the life cycle of a protein and what organelles and phases are involved in this... see more

This animation presents information about how a muscle contraction works and what organelles are involved in the... see more

This website supplies an animation defining the process of plasmid cloning. Students can either select the step-through... see more

This site provides introductory information about natural selection. This site also includes an animation examining... see more

This animation allows students to compare the sizes of various cells and organisms such as a human hair, dust mite,... see more

This animation provides a representation of the process of spermatogenesis, sperm cell development. 

This site provides a summary video of how the infectious agent prion (proteinaceous infectious particle) arises and how... see more

This animation provides an example of the various drug therapies available for the treatment of HIV. A combination of... see more