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' IBIRD LITE Guide to Birds is the FREE version of iBird Ultimate, MWG’s newest and most feature-rich birding app yet... see more

Use this species identification key to identify some of the world’s most amazing sharks and rays.

Insect anatomy as it relates to diversity. Very basic overview of body structure, exoskeleton, antennae and mouthpart... see more

This video was recorded at 27th European Congress of Arachnology (ECA), Ljubljana 2012. Advances in molecular techniques... see more

This video was recorded at 27th European Congress of Arachnology (ECA), Ljubljana 2012. Arachnids are extremely well... see more

A collection of scanned images from the slides for a histology course. User can view slides at several maginifications,... see more

'This book covers the following subtopics of zoology: Intro and Origins, Cells as Units of Life, Genetics, Evolution,... see more

This is a companion web site to a Public Broadcasting System Nova documentary on sharks filmed around Cocos Island. It... see more

iSpot Nature is an excellent educational, social networking tool for students and anyone interested in exploring and... see more

This Key will only identify insects to a specific Order, it does not identify to species level (you'll require a... see more

This is a wonderfully put together website, full of colorful graphics and good basic information. Very suitable and... see more

This is an amazing video of the life cycle of the dragonfly. The video quality is so good, you can see every hair on the... see more

The crustaceans in southern Australia are part of a diverse, endemic fauna of marine animals which live along this coast.... see more

National laboratory for research on marine mammal life. All different avenues of research, photos, and different sites to... see more

This creative activity is designed to teach 7-11 year olds about the concept of adaptation – the process whereby a... see more

This radio broadcast describes the epic migration of monarch butterflies, who travel from North America to winter in the... see more

'Build your nature app. Download the free app and get instant access to 28 beautiful North American birds, each with a... see more

A unique, case study, educational center providing people with genuine, authoritative information about bears.

This video was recorded at 27th European Congress of Arachnology (ECA), Ljubljana 2012. Jumping spiders (family... see more

An investigative report on the Florida Skunk Ape by a science journalist.

This is 'an exhaustive dictionary of over 13,000 terms relating to invertebrate zoology, including etymologies, word... see more

Excellent source of dissection guides with actual photos. Great for those that could use a little help with identifying... see more

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals (OMIA) is a database of the genes and phenes* that have been documented in a wide... see more

The site is part of the USGS supported Patuxent Wildlife Center and has pictures, songs, and identification information... see more