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'FEATURES: ✓ Pictures and information helpful at your visit to the local zoo. ✓ Landscape and Portrait views. ✓ Take a... see more

'Learn about Zoology: The Study of Animals! Don't know what Zoology is all about, here is a quick reference guide on the... see more

AntWeb is "the world's largest database of images, specimen records, and natural history on ants. As of May 2012 AntWeb... see more

Instructions on how to set up and guide students through a lab examining environmental effects of hatch rates on easy to... see more

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology:  Macaulay Library contains an amazing biodiversity (sound/video)collection of recorded... see more

Challenge students to become ‘species experts’ for an endangered species and explore biogeography concepts using species... see more

This fun and interactive quiz challenges students to use their knowledge of animal classification and their powers of... see more

Combining skills in mathematics and art, students will learn about species heights and lengths while practicing... see more

This activity challenges students to think about what it means to be an endangered species and what causes a species to... see more

Explore the array of senses used by nocturnal animals to find their way around their habitat in the dark.

This unit takes the basic definitions of animal behaviors and provide concrete, realistic examples of each type of... see more

This survey course begins with an introduction to and definition of zoology, followed by a look at the history and... see more

By designing a conservation programme, students learn about the importance of biodiversity as well as the economic... see more

Use this species identification key to identify some of the world’s most amazing sharks and rays.

Collection of science materials for 14-16 year olds.

Guess Zoo is a fun animal guessing game that can be used to introduce or support several lesson themes, for example... see more

Students engage in a hands-on, active lesson about food chains in a marine environment, predator‐prey relationships and... see more

This creative activity is designed to teach 7-11 year olds about the concept of adaptation – the process whereby a... see more

מחקרי רמת הנדיב בשטחים הפתוחים שבשטחה ומידע המבוסס עליהם, בהתמקדות על אוכלוסיית הצבאים, דו-חיים וחסרי חוליות.

שתי פעילויות המיועדות לתלמידים לקויי למידה ובה עונים התלמידים על שאלות המתייחסות לטקסט בספר הלימוד "מסביב לים התיכון",... see more

This is an introductory Biology textbook that covers the animal kingdom.  It is the second in a series of two.  

בדף זה קטע קצר המספר על ינשופים ותכונותיהם, ומספר פעילויות בנושא הקטע הבודקות את הבנת הנקרא של התלמידים על ידי השלמת... see more

במסגרת היחידה נפגשים התלמידים עם 3 עצומות, המתייחסות להיבטים שונים הקשורים להאכלת חתולי רחוב. העצומה הראשונה מזמנת עיסוק... see more

יחידה זו מציגה סרטון טבע קצר וטקסט כתוב העוסקים בבקיעתו של אפרוח היען. הפעילות הראשונה מציעה השוואה הממחישה את המידע... see more