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Through linked programs of stewardship, education, and research, the NERRS enhances informed management and scientific... see more

This report discusses the spatial distribution of the largest, most damaging floods in the United States and some of the... see more

This observing system provides real-time data, graphs, web cams, and more throughout the Great Lakes and connecting... see more

This is a scientific organization for the study of bioluminescence and chemiluminescence in all life forms. Promotes... see more

Here, scientists from Rutgers University pull together data from satellites, coastal radars and underwater weather... see more

NOAA's Maritime Heritage Program's mission is to protect, promote and explore our maritime heritage through a national... see more

Compilation of Sea Grant marine education resources. Site includes the latest news, a pdf file discussing Sea Grant... see more

Education programs provide fieldtrips, shipboard experiences, camps and projects focused on the Great Lakes. A science... see more

This page describes the unique Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (NWHI) Ecosystem Reserve. Provides resources focused on NWHI... see more

This website includes underwater videos and photos of shipwrecks in Lakes Superior and Michigan, information on... see more

This educational and research facility is a partnership of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge (the world's... see more

Scripps' new e-magazine "explorations" informs and educates the public, alumni, the scientific community, and Scripps'... see more

The Virginia Institute of Marine Science offers a variety of summer volunteer and intern opportunities for students.... see more

In this activity, students assume the role of a geologist prospecting for copper deposits. From the background material,... see more

In this activity, students will participate in a simulated fossil hunt or archeological excavation. Working in groups,... see more

Until recently, people living in a volcano's shadow had little help in predicting eruptions. In the past 300 years,... see more

This set of multimedia resources, produced for the NOVA television broadcast 'Mass Extinction', explains mass extinctions... see more

This abbreviated explanation of the subject of plate tectonics is divided into several parts. The first section, entitled... see more

This is a brief overview of the Theory of Plate Tectonics. According to the theory, the Earth's surface layer, or... see more

This activity will demonstrate to students how geologists determine the absolute age of rocks or minerals. Students will... see more

This field activity helps reinforce the idea that all surface features on the earth were formed by some type of process.... see more

This unit provides an introduction for younger students on earthquakes, volcanoes, and how they are related. Topics... see more

In the early 1900s, most geologists thought that Earth's appearance, including the arrangement of the continents, had... see more

This unit introduces younger students to the concept of relative versus absolute time and how geologists determine the... see more