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How to find least-cost paths in a graph using Dijkstra's Algorithm.

There are a number of utilities available to accomplish the essential task of transferring data and/or code between the... see more

This tutorial is for the beginning Linux user, intended to get the user acquainted with some of the basic principles of... see more

This module provides an introduction to relational databases, the most common type of database and what you are most... see more

This is an advanced class in Databases. It will present SQL as well as other advanced topics, including query... see more

This course explores knowledge technologies. It will address the importance of knowledge, its representation,... see more

This full course covers how information technologies (IT) are reshaping and redefining the health care industry

2-plan is an integrated project management system, it works with notebooks, handhelds, iPhones, Androids, networks and... see more

ProjectLibre is one the leading open source alternative SWs to Microsoft Project. 

This links provides a table of contents that offerss an overview of each session for an Information System and Strategy... see more

This book aims presents the recent research topics within the KM field, it is titled "New Research on Knowledge... see more

New Research on Knowledge Management Applications and Lesson Learned" includes 14 chapters. This book introduces the... see more

New Research on Knowledge Management Models and Methods Edited by Huei-Tse Hou, ISBN 978-953-51-0190-1, 438 pages,... see more

AutoPlay Media Studio is a RAD software that allows you to build desktop applications quickly. The objective of this... see more

  Arduino is an open-source prototyping platform that facilitates the process of developing electrical systems and... see more

Electronics and digitals circuits initiates students to microcontrollers and how to program them, it provides also... see more

These tutorials are designed to support college-level classes in Web development at Middle Georgia State University, but... see more

This lesson summarizes our dependency upon fossil fuels, pointing out that there are very few aspects of our daily life... see more is an online source for news, events, and information in maritime fields. On the site, visitors will find... see more

The Convergence Technology Center has made digital home technology integration curriculum available online. The site... see more

The Convergence Technology Center has made convergence technology curriculum available online, which includes related... see more

We set out to design an introductory course governed by four themes: Give students a good idea of what a career in MIS... see more

Exploring different aspects of science is important to any balanced curriculum. This website, presented by The National... see more