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Explains the technology and science behind compact disks.

Very good overview of the requirements analysis process of software engineering.

There are several types of wireless technologies that students and consumer need to know about In this video we look at:... see more

ISP Private Security and Protection, Istanbul, Turkey. There is a lot of info about security sector, and industry. You... see more

A common trend in online learning involves a focus on interactivity (how learners engage with others in the online... see more

Our first Mr. Ford's Class Most Excellent PowerPoint Tip. This video shows you how to quickly and easily add YouTube... see more

The fourth and final video in our Lesson 1 Digital World series looks at what exactly is a computer. We take a quick look... see more

The last lesson in our Introduction to Computer, BCIS, BIM series. This video looks at the basics of eCommerce. We define... see more

on line dictionary of Intersnet words and phrase. Speak like your students

Dr Sanjoy Sanyal, Surgeon, Medical Informatician, Neuroscience Professor and Course Director, takes existing published... see more

Article outlining the guidelines for conducting a feasibility analysis

This site specifies the requirements necessary to design software for the government and meet accessibility standards.

This is a presentation which is involved with some topics as Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Psychoacoustics... see more

Details how to do project estimation using Use Case Metrics

PDF document that tracks a project through separate development using the Waterfall and Spiral methodology. Compares... see more

This article discusses the novice system analyst view and realities about Object analysis and design

A short tutorial describing collection, preparation and digital analysis of medieval manuscripts conducted in a project... see more

EduTube was launched to provide a solution to these two problems. EduTube is a platform launched in April 2008 which... see more

Electronics and digitals circuits initiates students to microcontrollers and how to program them, it provides also... see more

IBM Watson is a cognitive computing system that allows interaction between people and software .Watson cn be used in a... see more

Description of how packet switching networks can be used over IP.