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This item is a section of an introductory physics textbook. It provides content support on electrostatics, electric field... see more

The Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) Art of Physics is a photography competition aimed to stimulate interest in... see more

The purpose of PhysTEC is to serve the American Physical Society community as the focal point for the improvement of... see more

This web page provides a collection of high school physical science lesson plans designed using the Learning Cycle... see more

This collection of material, created by Robyn Wright Dunbar of Carleton College, assesses student learning. It including... see more

Authored by Professor G. Eric Matthews, this web page describes a project at Wake Forest University to create videos of... see more

Created by Tom Henderson of Physics, this item is a chapter in a beginning physics tutorial. The ray nature... see more

Created by Tom Henderson of the Physics, this item is a chapter in a beginning physics tutorial. It... see more

This web page, a part of the Workshop Physics Website, contains links to a range of tests for student understanding. The... see more

This item is a lesson plan featuring the neon bulb, an object that can be lighted either by electric current or by static... see more

This website, created by Robert Harris of Iona College's physics department, has links to many interactive applets that... see more

This site comes from the Institut für Angewandte Physik at the University of Wien shows how the scanning tunneling... see more

This site, created by Harry N. Nelson at the University of California, Santa Barbara, contains a collection of pictures... see more

This site, authored by Donald Simanek of Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, includes a collection of diagrams and... see more

This web site is an extensive collection of images and descriptions of historical instruments used in the physical... see more

The Atomic Orbitals website is a distribution point for the orbital image generating program "Orbital Viewer" as well as... see more

Exploratorium provides this web site that explores the science of baseball through shockwave activities. The lab... see more

This web site provides users with visual tools for learning topics taught in a typical engineering thermodynamics class.... see more

This web site is designed to support the effective teaching of statistical and thermal physics at the undergraduate and... see more

Science Joy Wagon and the Ithaca City School District offer the Physics Zone Web site as a resource for algebra-based... see more

The Idaho State University Department of Physics conducts science demonstration shows at S. E. Idaho schools. Four... see more

This site is a wonderful resource for educators wishing to encourage their female students to challenge themselves, feel... see more

This is the website of the "Cornell Electron Storage Ring" (CESR), a high-luminosity 6+6 GeV electron-positron collider... see more

This site, created by C.T. Chantler of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), gives the interactions... see more