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Demonstrates the properties of transformers by allowing the user to vary the number of windings and see the results.

Current flowing from the cathode to the plate of a vacuum tube diode changes the nature of the current from alternating... see more

This applet shows a simple circuit containing one resistor. In addition there is a voltmeter (parallel to the resistor)... see more

This STAIR (Stand-Alone Instructional Resource) covers the subject of circuits including their componets, series and... see more

Describes many types of combinational and sequential logic circuits and issues, including basic gates, derived gates, XOR... see more

This is a fun, brief look at one of the best rivalries in the history of science.

A shockwave tutorial on electrical current, written at the middle school level, or higher.

This Java applet shows a simple circuit consisting of an alternating voltage source and, depending on the selected... see more

Explore how the plates of a variable capacitor move in relation to one another to produce changes in capacitance.

(Foreign language version only) This is a 4 nodes DC circuit simulation java applet. You can drag DC voltage source,... see more

The first cathode ray tube was created British scientist Sir William Crookes. This tutorial demonstrates how the... see more

This java applet will show you physics properties of an R-L-C circuit driven by a harmonic voltage source.

The Inductance applet shows how EMF is induced in a loop by changing the magnetic flux through the loop. The different... see more

This is a tutorial about electric circuits.  The following topics are included: Lesson 1 - Electric Potential Difference... see more

This applet is designed to give students an intutive, conceptual understanding of the behavior of a series RLC circuit.... see more

This applet is designed to show the DC "quiescent" behviour of a common emitter amplifier.  Often the treatment of this... see more

Kirchhoff - Electric Circuits Simulator is an application developed with Macromedia Flash to create electric circuits... see more

A pdf of a solved problem in electromagnetic induction. The problem is completely solved which students can study and... see more

דף מידע בנושא חוק אוהם, ובו יישומון הממחיש את הקשר הישר בין זרם, התנגדות ומתח על ידי שינוי במתח ובהתנגדות ומדידת הזרם.... see more