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Have you ever played with an electromagnetic radiation wave? Well you can with this tutorial that allows you to move the... see more

nterference between two light waves is an amazing phenomenon that is often seen in soap bubbles with the wide color... see more

This tutorial explores the variable lens using Flash instead of Java. See how changing the shape of a lens affects the... see more

This applet shows the field of a moving charge, and how it is concentrated directions perpendicular to the motion. It... see more

Shows the simplest case of diffraction, i.e., single slit diffraction. You can change the color of the light by dragging... see more

This java applet show you how to use the law of reflection (for optics) in playing pool.

When light passes from one medium to another, a portion of the light is polarized and reflected as a function of the... see more

Demonstrates constructive and destrutive inteference of waves in a ripple tank.

These animated gif's show interference patterns between two point-source oscillators. Different separations and different... see more

You can visualize (pushing the torch-buttons or the coloured circles) the phenomenum of the coloured shadows using three... see more

Moire fringes arise from interference patterns that are generated when two similar grids overlap each other. The result... see more

Theory and applet for multiple slit interference.

This tutorial explores birefringence or double refraction of light when passed through a crystal of Iceland spar.... see more

he prism tutorial explores how changes in the thickness and angle of incidence of a visible light beam affect how light... see more

Shows the relations between electric field, magnetic field and wave vectors when electromagnetic waves propogate through... see more

This interactive tutorial explores how changes to the incident angle and refractive index differential between two... see more

Illustrates the schematic operation of a laser.

An interesting tutorial [and applet] that explores diffraction of light through an adjustable set of double slits (or... see more

An applet demonstrating reflection and refraction of a wave striking a boundary. User defines either an s-wave or p-wave,... see more

דף מידע בנושא אופטיקה גיאומטרית ועדשות, ובו יישומון המדגים משפיעה עדשה על אור הפוגע בה, ומה תיהיה הדמות אותה נראה כאשר... see more

דף מידע והמדגים את נושא אורכי הגל באמצעות יישום המציג מכשירים הפועלים בתחום אורכי גל מסויימים. מופיע במדור למידה מתוקשבת... see more

דף מידע בנושא מושג הגוף השחור ובו יישומון המדגים את הקשר בין טמפרטורה של גוף לאור שהוא פולט. מופיע במדור למידה מתוקשבת... see more

דף מידע בנושא ראיית צבעים, ובו יישומון הממחיש כיצד אנו תופסים את הצבעים בסביבתנו. מופיע במדור למידה מתוקשבת של אתר מכון... see more