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Many Eyes is a beta site created by IBM that encourages users to explore its featured set of tools that can be used to... see more

This OPEN TEXTBOOK is for Politically-Oriented Web-Enhanced Research Methods for Undergraduates — Topics and Tools:... see more

'Introductory Statistics follows the scope and sequence of a one-semester, introduction to statistics course and is... see more

The report Online Nation: Five Years of Growth in Online Learning has important information on the growth of online... see more

A tutorial on conducting research in a culturally-aware manner. Focuses on health research (nursing or medicine) but can... see more

This site provides a variety of interactive Flash simulations that portray global, human development trends and also the... see more

Described by the author as "The Interactive Statistical Pages project represents an ongoing effort to develop and... see more

This supplemental online resource contains: (1) Background information regarding what intercoder reliability is and why... see more

These Educational and Demographic Profiles provide a graphic portrayal of factors related to the educational and economic... see more

One out of eight students in the US is enrolled in a school in California. This resource puts California schools and... see more

A venue at the ICPSR for college & university teachers to communicate ideas and to disseminate materials for teaching... see more

An improved quantitative science would emphasize the use of confidence intervals (CIs), and especially CIs for effect... see more

This tools shows you how to calculate the value of Cohen's d and the effect size correlation in one of two ways: (1)... see more

ongoing listing of examples of lyric excerpts which contain statistics terms and concepts; all excerpts come from... see more

Site devoted to the "hot hand" in sports, with academic research devoted to analyses of sports streakiness.

A web page with a java applet that lets you practise constructing simple confidence intervals using randomly generated... see more

A JavaScript that computes expected values, variances, standard deviations, covariance, and beta parameters for bivariate... see more

It is a JavaScript that performs the Bayesian inference by combining the sample information with a prior information.

Multiple-Choice (MC) items have many advantages that make them widely used and highly regarded. They also have... see more

A JavaScript that constructs confidence intervals for difference in means and the ratio of variances for two populations,... see more

A JavaScript that computes confidence interval for standard deviation, confidence interval for variance, and confidence... see more

Este sitio tiene el objetivo de ayudar a los gerentes y administradores a hacer un mejor trabajo al momento de anticipar... see more

NationMaster is a huge database of statistics comparing the different countries of the world. The interactive format... see more

Teaching and research resources in the areas of Decision Science, Simulation, and Statistics.