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Video on the information cycle: from event to primary, secondary and tertiary sources.

Digital Literacy Standard Curriculum Version 4 teaches generic ICT skills and concepts. The curriculum features screen... see more

This ebook helps students conduct research.

This series of online tutorials includes videos that address ICT: information formats, findings and using information,... see more

Digital Content Curation is the process of collecting, organizing and sharing information relevant to a particular topic... see more

This tutorial is designed to guide learners through the research process: choosing a topic, using the best sources,... see more

APA citation practice exercise

A collection of quick video tutorials on library research topics

A collection of video tutorials on educational topics such as technology, business, libraries, information, and education

Video tutorial on the Library of Congress Classification System

A collection of video tutorials on library research help

Interactive tutorial on plagiarism

Interactive tutorial about plagiarism

Interactive 5-part online tutorial on intellectual property, including plagiarism, file sharing,  citing resources, and... see more

This 15 minute tutorial with activities discusses how to identify and avoid plagiarism and properly cite your sources.

In this interactive tutorial, students are taken through the steps of using a Library Catalog. The Guide on the Side... see more

In this video you learn how to insert an inline image to your email using the gmail system.

This talk by Michele Pistone discusses the future of higher education, which has been based on the same educational model... see more

A short video explaining what is a MOOC?

Wondering how to flip the classroom—and, more specifically, if you should flip your classroom? Listen to the Flipping the... see more

This tutorial teaches students how to differentiate among trade, scholarly, and popular periodicals. It should take 15-20... see more

This tutorial is designed to help you understand unique characteristics of information production and dissemination in... see more

'Adobe® Systems introduced Action Wizards for Acrobat® X. Actions allow you to apply one or more routine sets of commands... see more

This tutorial provides suggestions for creating an accessible presentation.  The author reviews definitions of... see more