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'As more schools start to integrate their own mobile learning strategies and Bring Your Own Device policies, one school... see more

'Over the past ten years mobile learning has grown from a minor research interest to a set of significant projects in... see more

'Abstract Wireless data communications in form of Short Message Service (SMS) and Wireless Access Protocols (WAP)... see more

'There is a sense of anticipation in higher education technology circles these days, a feeling of prickly excitement that... see more

'In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile computing technologies, a new learning style-mobile learning has... see more

This is a journal article that seeks to reconceptualize mobile learning. 'In this paper we offer a framework for... see more

Essentially an interactive mobile screen, the combination of physical form and supporting software-based user interface... see more

' iPad use in formal learning environments, by all accounts, is soaring. Due to the almost magical ways it promotes... see more

'When it comes to deciding how or whether to use iPads, schools typically focus on budget issues, apps, networking... see more

'A good rule of thumb for any classroom use of cellphones: the lesson/activity must be engaging as well as productive.... see more

'When we talk about using cell phones in class, we’re not just talking about using cell phones in class. The idea of... see more

'In this four-part series, we have been charting a course for teachers working in classrooms with tablets. We began by... see more

'Imagine walking up to a stream. On the far side lies our ideal learning environment — student-centric, inquiry-based,... see more

'The Someday/Monday dichotomy captures one of the core challenges in teacher professional development around education... see more

'The Someday/Monday dichotomy captures one of the core challenges in teacher professional development around education... see more

'While UNESCO research indicates that hundreds of thousands of people in countries like Ethiopia, Nigeria and Pakistan... see more

'The One Laptop per Child (OLPC) program is one of the most ambitious educational reform initiatives the world has ever... see more

'With the unprecedented rate of technological change, it may seem nearly impossible to imagine what mobile learning will... see more

'School 1409 is part of a hugely ambitious experiment devised by Alexander Evgenievich Shustorovich, a wealthy... see more

This report 'makes the case that our nation’s leaders should not overlook the role mobile technologies can play, if well... see more

This is a position statement of the National Association of Secondary School Principals regarding mobile learning.  The... see more

"This paper is part of the UNESCO Working Paper Series on Mobile Learning. The Series seeks to better understand how... see more

'Mobile learning is part of a new learning landscape created by the availability of technologies supporting flexible,... see more