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Partner Only Material

Esta animación explica el funcionamiento teórico del convertidor de torque, en todas sus etapas, material audivisual muy... see more

This is a PC based interactive game, targeted at children K-3, to teach conflict resolution in a fun way, both in and... see more

Educational games, instructional lessons, classroom activities, word banks, and quizzes for different schools subjects.... see more

Educational games for school age children in math, reading, and writing. The website also include movies.

Fortran Programlama dilini kısaca anlatan FLASH sunum dökümanı

Yeast injesting sugar and creating ethanol and gas.

This is very good, well organized, and interactive site with educational games for children. The site contains games for... see more

The website is a great learing tool for grade school students. I have found that by navigating through... see more

funbrain reading, madlibs junior, interactive reading, verb, noun, adjective identification

This website allows students to interact with fun educational games. It also incldes teacher tools and a variety of brain... see more

Reading Eggs helps children from ages 3 to 13 learn to read with online reading games, activities, songs, golden eggs and... see more

"The Best Cigarette" read by Billy Collins is animated with by a burning cigarette producing impressive imagery.

Possibile avvio di una lezione con la lim o con un semplice proiettore sull'indispensabilità della cognizione nello... see more

Partner Only Material

En este video animado encontraras la propuesta de solucion para el problema raiz de la empresa Maoh LTDA   Created using... see more

The learning object Mining Landscape is ... ... a popular explanation to elucidate how metal, in this case copper, is... see more

En el siguiente voki encontrar una introduccion a lo que es Logistica y Contro

This is the Priory Woods school website. it includes many interactive resources that can be used on the interactive... see more

En esta pagina podran encontrar material para programar distintas plataformas

Dance Notation Processes of Reconstruction Series 1: Transcultural Transmission of Helen Tamiris’ Negro Spirituals (1914)... see more

This site has some gamesand a some nice intro  music. It was provideed by nasa directing its attention mostly on weather.... see more