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This video illustrates Bubblesort with Hungarian Folk Dancers.

This video illustrates Mergesort with Transylvanian-saxon Folk Dancers.

Meant for k 12. Allows visualisation of images for various object positons and various focal lenghts. Image formation due... see more

This website contains links to many interesing animations from a number of sources.  These animations are very useful to... see more

Probability distributions, p-values, and percentiles are fundamental topics taught to introductory statistics students.... see more

This app provides an introduction to the concept of maximum likelihood estimation by working through the example of the... see more

The goal of this app is to compare the performance of a nonparametric to a parametric test for the difference in two... see more

The first-digit distribution of many US Census variables is known to closely follow Benford's Law. We will consider... see more

This app examines the first-digit distribution of various sequences: Additive, Power, and Prime Number Additive... see more

This app focuses on conducting a t-test and checking the normality condition. Both the one-sample and two-sample t-tests... see more

Scatterplots are often useful to visualize the relationship between two quantitative variables. However, with Multiple... see more

A demonstration of heaps, heap sort, and a competition with merge-sort.

Teachers and students could use this to create short (30 second) videos to create enthusiasm about a concept, activity,... see more

This animation shows the problem of race condition in Producer/Consumer problem step by step.  When both producer and... see more

This animation demonstrates the use of a semaphore to implement mutual exclusion.  Among a number of processes sharing a... see more

A live camera feed of a nest of Eagles  at Berry University in GA.  It is seasonal, but eaglets often hatch in the winter... see more

physics HTML5 animations relevant for grad students. Can run on all devices -  PC, mobile, ipad, etc..

This short video helps anyone see the difference between the way we may casually use the term "theory" and what is... see more

This is a video describing how the process of science does not follow the  normal linear process that is usually... see more

Hormones influence the growth and develop of organisms such as whether individuals become male or female. Hormones are... see more

Metabolism is the sum of all the biochemical pathways in the cell. Catabolic pathways break down complex molecules to... see more

Although food has been broken down into individual molecules by the time it reaches a cell, cells still need to deal with... see more

Bacterial DNA is packaged into a single chromosome that is a continuous loop. In both cases, the DNA must be folded or... see more

This animation shows how amoebas and other organisms use cytoplasmic streaming to engulf food or for movement, and the... see more