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Assignment Square is an online assignment writing service where students of different classes can take help from... see more

Instructional Design and Techonogy Assignment

Students create original story problems based on the book "Alexander, Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday," by Judith... see more

An idea in the form of a basic lesson plan.  Students take their story and publish it by creating a Voicethread.  After... see more

E-Portfolio online resume about me  

This activities sheet is meant to accompany the 2-1/2-minute-long podcast of the fifth section of an interview with an... see more

This science lesson is designed for first graders.  The main objectives are to teach the basic concepts of force and... see more

This Stand Alone Instructional Resource (StAIR) guides students through a review of benefits of regular exercise, reasons... see more

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How Do Body Systems Work Together is a Stand Alone Instructional Resource.  It focuses on how the Nervous, Skeletal and... see more

Ginger beer with yeast science experiment steps to inquiry  

American Indians are marginalized in today's society. Nothing perpetuates that marginalization more than negative... see more

This lesson plan focus is on the community service aspect of the MYP IB program in physical education. The students will... see more

Lesson explores agricultural and engineering and challenges students to engineer a system out of everyday materials that... see more

This is a stand alone instructional resource for 11th and 12th grade students to use to help make the right career and... see more

This is a stand alone instructional resource on the concept of fractions. Power Point is used for students to explore the... see more

Vision and motivation are required for a transformational leader. You will discover how these atributes allow one to... see more

The following is a webpage discussing constructivism and the backward design model.  It details each and how they can be... see more

Students observe weather characteristics including temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, and wind and create an audio... see more

This is a plan for a multi-day poetry lesson based on George Ella Lyon's poem "Where I'm From."  Students will be asked... see more

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