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In this activity, developed by the Lane Community College MAPS GIS Program, students "use logical connectors in searching... see more

This lesson from Illuminations has students study equivalence and systems of equations while identifying and using... see more

How financial institutions use the monthly mortgage payment and mortgage amortization formulas can be a confusing concept... see more

This unit from Illuminations includes three related mathematical lessons. The first lesson, "Number Representations," has... see more

This lesson allows students to analyze how data is graphically represented. The exercise asks the class to gather data... see more

This lesson uses real data to compile and analyze statistics. Students will analyze crime that has occurred in the local... see more

This activity uses student's own data to introduce bivariate relationship using hand size to predict height. Students... see more

To some the mere thought of "Illuminations" may bring to mind Walter Benjamin's classic work, and still others may... see more

In this module you will explore some of the impacts of this immigration by examining the characteristics of the... see more

In this lesson from Math Machines, students will "use specified design criteria to compare and contrast four proposed... see more

In this hands-on activity, created by Dex Whittinghill of Rowan University, students count the number of chips in cookies... see more

This activity provides practice for constructing confidence intervals and performing hypothesis tests. In addition, it... see more

This activity enables students to learn about confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for a population mean. It focuses... see more

This activity begins with an instructor demonstration followed by a student out-of-class assignment. Students will... see more

The t-distribution activity is a student-based in-class activity to illustrate the conceptual reason for the... see more

This lesson helps students understand financial topics (interest rates, FICO scores and loan payments) in a mathematical... see more

In this lesson from Math Machines, students will learn how automated systems transform input data into output actions.... see more

This activity makes use of a campus-based resource to develop a "capstone" project for a survey sampling course. Students... see more

This geometry lesson from Illuminations aids students in the transition from using two-column proofs to paragraph-style... see more

This math unit from Illuminations includes two lessons which help to teach the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines. The... see more

This math lesson from Illuminations helps students understand rational functions. The material uses the real-world... see more

In this lesson from Math Machines, students will learn a practical application of the law of reflection. The class will... see more

In this lesson from Math Machines, students will design and test an automatic control system for lighting a room. They... see more