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The fracture of the calcaneus is a high-energy fracture intra- or extra-articular bone of calcis. Because of its... see more

Traabajo realizado con el fin de dar a conocer la historia y reglamentacion del voleibol, para cualquier tipo de persona... see more

Applying the Constructivist Theory to Instructional Design using the ASSURE Model.

Philosophers across many different ideologies argue that equality is an important human ideal. But what type of equality... see more

Between 1840 and 1860, fur trappers used to say there was no law west of Leavenworth, Kansas. So how did more than... see more

Presumably you've already made plans for surviving a zombie apocalypse, but have you thought through the important... see more

The story of John Horse and the Black Seminoles has been largely untold, but according to Professor Amy Sturgis of Signum... see more

Where do rights come from? In this lecture, Dr. Bill Glod of the Institute for Humane Studies explains the two approaches... see more

Robert Nozick was one of the most influential philosophers of the twentieth century, but according to Professor Chris... see more

Is private property just? In this lecture, Professor Chris Feiman of the College of William and Mary presents some of the... see more

In this lecture, Professor Aeon Skoble of Bridgewater State University discusses the relationship between moral equality... see more

Economics is built on the premise that humans act rationally, but everyone behaves irrationally some of the time. Is it... see more

In 1838, poet, essayist, and lecturer Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote a letter to President Martin Van Buren protesting the... see more

According to Professor Amy Sturgis of Lenoir-Rhyne University, the Trail of Tears shouldn’t have happened. In this video,... see more

Edward Snowden's revelations about government surveillance of private citizens sparked debate around the world about the... see more

This 6:30 minute YouTube video coincides with the risk assessment content of the Enterprise Risk Management model from... see more

 If you ask people whether they think stealing is wrong, most of them would answer yes. And yet, in 2013, organizations... see more

In 3:30 minutes, the author provides a very brief introduction to Internal Control and the 5 COSO elements.  The... see more

This 2:49 minute video provides an overview of basic elements of revenue recognition, to... see more

An overview of basic elements of expense recognition, to accompany chapter 3 of ... see more

Professor James Stacey Taylor of the College of New Jersey discusses the contributions of philosopher, historian, and... see more

Professor James Stacey Taylor of the College of New Jersey discusses the contributions of philosopher and economist Adam... see more