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This activity is an investigation of free fall and projectile motion through a track and field situation.

Introduction to Quantum Physics concepts with an activity demonstrating Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, wave/particle... see more

This item is a teacher's guide to a set of inquiry-based classroom demonstrations and clicker questions on waves. It was... see more

This activity is a guided demonstration where students create light up quiz boards to demonstrate electricity vocabulary.

Discrepant event used to introduce hydraulics and Pascal's Principle

This simple demonstration shows the interaction between electricity and magnetism. Two coils of wire are held close to... see more

This active demonstration investigates the law of conservation of momentum using a person on rollerblades and a thrown... see more

We use motion detectors and a bowling ball to find relationships velocity, mass, and energy.

The Electricity data browser allows individuals and organizations to create, download, or view graphs, reports and tables... see more

Physics can be taught in a number of ways, and these short videos are a nice way to hook students into the discipline.... see more

This simulation provides a realistic virtual mass-and-spring laboratory. Users can explore spring motion by manipulating... see more

This page provides a list of the demonstrations performed by the Physics Force as part of a Physics Circus outreach... see more

This page contains a set of three short video clips of wave pulses on a slinky spring. One shows a single pulse reflected... see more

This online calculator converts from one energy unit to another - from gallons to British thermal units (Btu),... see more

This webpage provides teaching resources useful for teaching introductory physics both at the college and high school... see more

This 3-minute Flash video by PBS <i>Zoom</i> demonstrates how temperature affects the density of water. A middle school... see more

This classroom demonstration illustrates the concept of inertia. A large wooden crochet hoop is balanced on the lip of a... see more

This classroom demonstration illustrates the concept of Newton's First Law and inertia. A dollar bill is placed between... see more

NBC's Lester Holt looks at the role vectors play every time an NFL quarterback throws a pass. With the help of former NFL... see more

NBC's Lester Holt looks at how the physics concepts of torque and center of mass are applied in football by some of the... see more

NBC's Lester Holts explores the path a defender must take in order to tackle a ball carrier, and how this distance �... see more

NBC's Lester Holt looks at the science of projectile motion and parabolas with the help of former NFL punter Craig... see more

NBC's Lester Holt and former NFL kicker, Morten Andersen, look at what's really behind powerful field goal kicks -... see more

NBC's Lester Holt looks at Newton's First Law of Motion and the role that unbalanced forces play whenever a ball carrier... see more