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Similar to the AC generator tutorial, this tutorial also shows the effect on coil rotation speed and voltage by... see more

The diaphragm of a condenser microphone is the negatively charged plate of a capacitor. This interactive tutorial shows a... see more

Most loud speakers consist of a circular permanent magnet surrounding a freely moving coil. The coil is attached to a... see more

The AC generator tutorial demonstrates how varying the frequency of an alternating current can affect both the voltage... see more

Applet demonstrates how a cyclotron works. Extensive explanatory text of basic electromagnetism included.

Java applet demonstrates the electric field and equipotential lines between two charges. Extensive explanatory text... see more

This Applet calculates and displays the potential of a field surrounding a capacitor. It employs a relaxation method to... see more

A tutorial on basic electromagnetism, with hyperlinks to many applets and explanations. References included.

This Java applet demonstrates the Lorentz force, exerted on a current-carrying conductor swing in the magnetic field of a... see more

A series of animations that show how the flow of rate of water is analogous to current.

Demonstrates the properties of transformers by allowing the user to vary the number of windings and see the results.

Current flowing from the cathode to the plate of a vacuum tube diode changes the nature of the current from alternating... see more

An applet that provides visual representations of the electric field and potential field of a charge distribution defined... see more

Applet and extensive discussion of basic principles of magnetism, including Ampere's Law and the Biot-Savart Law. Applet... see more

This applet shows a simple circuit containing one resistor. In addition there is a voltmeter (parallel to the resistor)... see more

This applet is designed to allow you to explore charged particle motion in an electrostatic potential. It also... see more

Shows the motion of a charged particle in a uniform and constant electric/ magnetic field.

Applet and tutorial on basic electrostatics of capacitors.

Applet and tutorial on Coulomb's Law. Includes discussion of the electroscope.

User can fix point charges of varying charge and be queried on the strength of the electrical field and potential at... see more

Tutorial on basic electrostatics, covering the electric field and the electric potential.

Applet examines the spin-flips associated with ferromagnetism. Temperature and energy are user-defined. Extensive... see more

Tutorial and applet covering the application of Gauss' Law to a linear charge density.

HALOMDA is a private company dedicated to developing of educational software in Math and Sciences. The company?s leading... see more