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Applet and tutorial discusses the basic electrodynamic principles of the Kelvin-Thomson atom.

This is a program for the simulation of diffraction patterns for the Kossel-technique, where the reflections are recorded... see more

Two applets demonstrate the energy levels associated with a linear array of finite square wells, which are used to model... see more

Applet demonstrates Thomson's famous oil drop experiment to determine the mass/charge ratio of the electron.

Applet demonstrates the Kronig-Penny model of a crystal lattice. Extensive explanatory text included.

Using a linear array of finite, square wells, this applet demonstrates the effects of a potential defect, such as would... see more

This program is a utility for producing sets of possible wave vectors for several quasicrystal space groups. It is... see more

Two applets demonstrate the daughter/parent ratios of radioactive decay. Extensive explanatory text included.

Applet demonstrates the principles of scattering theory, including the role of the impact parameter and the energy of the... see more

Applet and tutorial illustrating the scattering of a sphere off a point target.

As part of the Internet Plasma Physics Education eXperience, this Java applet is designed to illustrate the basic... see more

There are three basic aspects of an NMR spectrum which help chemists determine the chemical structure a substance. This... see more

Applet and tutorial on an important physical process in modern physics.

A spaceship is flying a distance of 5 light hours, for example from Earth to the planet Pluto. The speed can be regulated... see more

From the author: "In JSV1.08 I implemented the generation of chiral nano tubes from a given chiral vector Ch={n1,n2}.The... see more

From the author: "In JSV1.08 I added an import filter for Mitsuho Yoshida's Fullerene Library (*). The library can be... see more

From the author: "I used my program JSV1.08 to reproduce the structure drawings in the booklet of Physica C, 1994:... see more

From the author: "In JSV1.08 I added the generation of nano-cones and chiral nano tubes. The height of the cones and the... see more

A program for drawing Stereographic Pole Projections for any crystal symmetry and any orientation.

This applet draws a spacetime diagram for the Twin Paradox.

You can set up any coordinate system in 3-6 dimensional space. This program is very useful for visualizing geometrical... see more

This is a simple Ising-type model written in Java. It simulates a system of spins located on the grid points of a... see more

Applet demonstrates X-ray formfactor curves.

The Bloch sphere representation of quantum states for a spin 1/2 particlesimulation aims to help students make... see more