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This fractal renderer lets you render a fractal from the mandelbrot set. You can zoom in by selecting an area in an... see more

In this activity, learners explore healthy choices related to the liquids they drink. The importance of water and milk as... see more

This applet is a DO sag curve calculator. It uses the Streeter and Phelps equation to calculate the impact of a single... see more

The students will be given mutiplication and division problems which they must answer. They also have the option of being... see more

Experiment with force and pressure by building a balloon rocket. When launched, the balloon will run a track wherever you... see more

Estimation of probability density function for multivariate data using a self-organizing neural network.

DLESE resources include electronic materials for both teachers and learners, such as lesson plans, maps, images, data... see more

Learners complete two simple experiments to prove the existence of air and air pressure which surround us. First, they... see more

In this activity related to magnetism and electricity, learners discover that a magnet falls more slowly through a... see more

The Electricity data browser allows individuals and organizations to create, download, or view graphs, reports and tables... see more

This three-part activity consists of an activity that groups of learners develop themselves, a given procedure, and an... see more

In this nanoscience activity, learners discover that it's easy to pour water out of a regular-sized cup, but not out of a... see more

In this activity about gravity (page 6 of the PDF), learners will come to understand how all objects will fall at the... see more

This downloadable Java applet allows students to experiment with fractions by building and displaying fractions in the... see more

Four teaching units show how NASA satellites measure ocean productivity. Topics cover: marine food web from producers to... see more

In this activity, learners explore how genetic switches function and the role of genetic switches in the process of... see more

The force of gravity is the focus of this demonstration using a ruler, string and a paper clip. Students observe that the... see more

In this environmental science activity (page 3 of the PDF), leaners will identify and explain the causes of erosion. They... see more

A fully interactive program that can help you understand how Quicksort works. It has the following unique features that... see more

This is an interactive lecture where students answer questions about demonstrations shown in several movie files. They... see more

This Chemistry experiment investigates physical changes, solutions, supersaturated solutions, and states of matter.

The java applet covers Operation of a mass spectrometer, Lorentz force, Radial (centripetal) force, electromagnetism,... see more

This Java applet covers Operation of a mass spectrometer, Lorentz force, Radial (centripetal) force, electromagnetism,and... see more

This applet covers Operation of a mass spectrometer, Lorentz force, Radial (centripetal) force, electromagnetism, and... see more