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A series of tutorials on aspects of musical composition.

A guide to understanding and appreciating the techniques of Schenkerian Analysis.

An introduction to tonal music from a theoretical standpoint, complete with reference guide and practice exercises.

Interactive Flash animation about secondary dominant chords. Includes musical examples and exercises

Interactive Flash animation about augmented sixth chords. Inlcudes musical examples and exercises.

This website offers information about the merengue, how to dance it, how it was created. Here you have the chance to find... see more

In this site you can obtain guitar lessons in all styles and all levels. This site will provide you with more knowledge... see more

Team Photoshop is a site filled with tutorials and add-on programs exclusively for Photoshop. Even the novice who has... see more

An interactive module on thinking skills

This guide provides ideas for incorporating the exhibition of Richard Torchia's camera obscura projections into your... see more

Educator's Guide, examines a national documentary project about twelve diverse communities exploring the changing face of... see more

The photographs in this Educator's Guide represent images in the traveling exhibition Sea Change: The Seascape in... see more

Reframing America explores aspects of immigration revealed through photographs taken by immigrant artists. Seven... see more

The Ansel Adams Archive Educator's Guide features photographs of intimate details of nature and complements study in many... see more

Educator's Guide features photographs of Mexico and complements study in many subject areas, including art, photography,... see more

Explains how chords, cadences, and scales work in tonal music. Includes a discussion of modulation and chord substitution... see more

History and description of early French pronunciation using songs from the Middle Ages to the Baroque period.

Detailed presentation on the canons and fugues of J.S. Bach, illustrated with clips from commercial CD accessed via... see more

SuperCollider is an environment and programming language for real time audio synthesis. You can write programs to... see more

Mix colors and paint. Learn about colors mixing. For young kids.