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     This site contains thousands of flash cards for nursing students.  These will help test your general nursing... see more

This is a short turorial that teaches the basics of using Blogger.

Student-authored multimedia tutorials, which cover study skills (e.g., time management, note-taking, textbook reading,... see more

Each of these lessons has a limited purpose. Beginning students need a foundation in the basics of Physical Guitar before... see more

This site is devoted to all content areas and is aimed at high school students. It is an invaluable reasource that can... see more

student strategies for passing a multiple choice exam

This article will teach you how to throw a football A) Place hand on ball with index finger closest to the tip of the... see more

This is an interactive powerpoint, which prompts students to make inferences and judgments.  It provides definitions,... see more

This is a multi-level instruction on Information Literacy. The tutorials are individual and can be used alone or as a... see more

These modules are provided by Marquette University. It was developed to help their first year English program, but it is... see more

These are sets of information literacy modules that explain this from choosing topics, generating keywords, reliability... see more

IVMS ACVBMS is an upper-level undergraduate course designed for Pre-Med, Medical Students and Biomedical Science Majors.... see more

7. sınıf bilişim teknolojileri dersi için yapılmıştır

A PBS website on the world's largest rainforest the Amazon in South America. It contains general information on the... see more

A map WebQuest to be used in kindergarten and first grade.  Learn map symbols and vocabulary.  Explore internet map... see more

This tutorial explains the effective techniques for keeping lab notebooks/lab manuals.  It is part of a series of... see more

Online tutorial of basic research methods including separate modules for choosing a topic; searching for books; searching... see more

Lessons in Japanese symbols, writing and speaking.

This is a PowerPoint Presentation that takes students step by step through the process of setting up their Gmail account... see more

Partner Only Material

Students will learn how to use the shift key on the keyboard.

This material offers 30 days lesson plan to master 300 essential words and 300 highly used roots and prefixes. Each day,... see more