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Applet demonstrates the physics of paramagnetic materials. Extensive explanatory text included.

A large collection of tutorials on basic physics principles.

Applet and tutorial on basic issues of electrostatics involving a simple capacitor.

Extensive text explanation of basic geometric optics.

Discussion, including tables, of the SI (MKS) system of metric units.

An explanation of the concept behind significant figures. Includes descriptions of how to use them.

Applet and tutorial that illustrates how charge distributes on a spherical surface when placed in a constant electric... see more

A tutorial on basic fluid dynamics. Hyperlinks to subtopics containing applets.

Tutorial on surface tension in fluids.

Extensive discussion of modern physics. Includes sections on Activities, Slides, Radioactive Materials, Glossary, and... see more

Tutorial on the basic principles of capacitance and dielectrics.

This applet uses frames, double buffered animation, sound, several graphics and font methods etc. This applet is supposed... see more

Introductory explanation on wave motion, with hyperlinks to subtopics.

Basic tutorial on how tv screens work, aimed at those with little experience in physics.

primer on blackbody radiation measurement techniques and the effects of Non-uniformities on Blackbody Radiant Output

Introduction to a series of pages featuring tutorials and applets on measurement, error, and units.

Quantum numbers describe the state of electrons in an atom. Learn about the principal quantum number, orbital quantum... see more

A basic tutorial on atomic structure.

A great colleciton of stellar spectra and tutorial

Demonstrates the path of particles that describe Lissajous figures.

This website is a tutorial for the study of mechanical waves.  It offers a great review on mechanical waves describing... see more

Online textbook for beginning physics students, covering introductory mechanics. Includes quizzes with solutions.

Tutorial, with applet, on the basic principles of Coulombic forces.