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This is a short paper with some ideas about why gun control is not the asnwer.

Helping students to understand the relationship between historical figures and the environments in which they lived.... see more

Primary and Secondary sources are explained.  Stand Alone Instruction Resouce includes quiz questions throughout  and... see more

This lesson plan is desgined for a 10th grade United States History class.  The lesson prompts students to investigate... see more

In this lesson students will find cities in the United States that are of similar size to Eugene, OR (their hometown) and... see more

This is an assignment for a social work course in social welfare policy. It includes the instructions, a template and a... see more

Version 1.0 Storytelling in Social Studies

The student will learn to use the module tutorial, identifying the query, measuring, eraser, information, and magnifying... see more

Comm 199 senior seminar E-portfolio for Brandon Gainer.

Imagine that you are a mapmaker for the king and queen of Spain. You really want to sail across the sea to explore and... see more

The Lane Community College MAPS GIS program (Mapping, Analyzing, and Problem Solving Using Geographic Information Science... see more

משימת כתיבה בשפה האנגלית. במשימה זו יכירו התלמידים את המושג "כור היתוך" דרך עבודה עם מאכלי עדות, יראיינו את בני משפחתם... see more

This lesson plan asks the essential question:  What do you learn from history?  What can we learn from other parts of the... see more

In this activity, presented by the Lane Community College MAPS GIS Program, students will learn important geospatial... see more

This lesson plan focus is for the Community Service AOI of the MYP years 9 and 10. The students will learn the skills of... see more

משימת חקר בשפה האנגלית. התלמידים יתפקדו כחוקרי טבע בנשיונל ג'אוגרפיק ויחקרו אסונות טבע: יבחרו מדינה ויאתרו את אסונות הטבע... see more

Students will study the oak savannah ecosystems in Oregon to determine the environmental conditions that support this... see more

In this activity, presented by the Lane Community College MAPS GIS Program, students will learn the concept of a digital... see more

Statistics show that voter turnout in the U.S. is low compared to other democratic nations. In addition studies have... see more

The website includes four activities that help learners to better understand poverty and the federal poverty line.... see more

This module offers you ways to learn more about the theory and practice of popular government. It focuses upon political... see more

Showing adult learners prepping for the GED social studies test how to improve their knowledge about international social... see more

Students will complete this activity in conjunction with an introductory statistics lesson about the importance of... see more

This is a screencast of assignments for an introductory class in human services