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There are four exercises that use data from the 2014 General Social Survey to explore confidence in societal institutions... see more

This seminar is for students who plan to write a senior thesis in Political Science, and is required of all MIT Political... see more

This course continues from the fall semester. The course introduces students to the fundamental theories and methods of... see more

This subject, required of all first-year PhD students in political science, introduces fundamental ideas, theories, and... see more

This reading course seeks to provide students with frameworks for understanding organizational behavior and research... see more

In recent years both scholars and policymakers have expressed a remarkable amount of interest in the concepts of social... see more

This course provides an introduction to the vast literature devoted to public opinion. In the next 12 weeks, we will... see more

This graduate seminar provides an examination of mass and elite political behavior in the United States, with an emphasis... see more

This course will expose students to tools and methods of analysis for use in assessing the challenges and dangers... see more

This course will explore the organization and functions of the U.S. Intelligence Community, its interaction with national... see more

This seminar facilitates the design and construction of installations and other community projects in conjunction with... see more

This course examines the politics of international economic relations. We begin with a discussion of the analytical... see more

This course will examine the origins, structure and functions of the U.S. Intelligence Community and its relationship to... see more

How and why do we participate in public life? How do we get drawn into community and political affairs? In this course we... see more

Increasingly, political scientists are using game theory to analyze strategic interactions across many different... see more

This seminar explores the development and application of qualitative research designs and methods in political analysis.... see more

This course is intended for graduate students planning to conduct qualitative research in a variety of different... see more

This course is the second semester in the statistics sequence for political science and public policy offered in the... see more

This course provides students with a rigorous introduction to Statistics for Political Science. Topics include basic... see more

This is an applied theory course covering topics in the political economy of democratic countries. This course examines... see more