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This appears to be an online experiment called the Cambridge Facial Memory Test.  There is a privacy statement and a... see more

A comprehensive overview of muscles of the face with an interesting twist - facial expression and emotion included. The... see more

FreeReading is a free, high-quality, open-source reading program addressing literacy development for grades K-3.... see more

"Geek is the most popular blog on speech therapy technology for speech therapists, parents and special educators.... see more

This is a CDC website with the basics about the prevalence of genetic hearing loss in infants that includes a Parents... see more

Review and quizzes of bodily functions, systems, and anatomy.  Good for studying specific parts of anatomy. 

"This is the full text of the Head and Neck chapter from Gray’s Anatomy for Students iPad Edition, made available for... see more

This site includes some interesting facts (and links), including why stereocilia are not like true cilia, how hair cells... see more

This website gives structural detail about hair cells and the proteins (and related genes) of which they are made, with a... see more

In this course, experimental approaches to the study of hearing and deafness are presented through lectures, laboratory... see more

This course explores the theory and practice of scientific modeling in the context of auditory and speech biophysics.... see more

Series of web-based human embryology animations that illustrate all aspects of development. include cardiovascular... see more

This collection of resources focuses on ICT literacy for education in communication sciences and disorders. It includes... see more

Introduction to Methods for Health Services Research and Evaluation provides an introduction to basic methods for... see more

This website has an explanation of the McGurk effect as well as a demo video so that students can see for themselves how... see more

This excellent website has information about the various types of memory: prospective, recent, semantic, remote, and... see more

This wonderful information and referral site provides families of children and youth with special needs and the... see more

This is a Matrices IQ test and takes 40 minutes to complete.  It is a good example of a nonverbal IQ test that might be... see more

The Open Research Glossary is designed as a reference resource to inform people about the culture of "Open Scholarship."... see more

The Open Science MOOC: Principles and Practices is designed for faculty, students, and researchers who want to better... see more

Openness to new experiences came up in my class in a unit on cognition and aging.  This website provides a test students... see more

"Hands down the most powerful, easy to use, and affordable articulation app on the market." This is an iPad app designed... see more

This website explains the point-light system of measuring facial movements important to lipreading. There are movies to... see more

Students will explore the pulmonary system including issues related to obstructed breathing and air pollutants.