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Roy: Tale of a Singing Zebra is a delightful nine part guided reading story about following your dreams, making friends... see more

Golpe de gracia is an interactive multimedia for internet that merges text, digital illustration,  audio, modelling,... see more

This is very good, well organized, and interactive site with educational games for children. The site contains games for... see more

This is a great site for kid?s grades first through eight. Easy to load and easy for kids to understand.

"Spelling games, math games and quizzes that let you type your own spelling lists and quizzes into the games. Make... see more

Language is an on line game website that provide language training while playing game. You can sit down and have... see more

Educational Games at The site offers games and simulations, based on Nobel Prize-awarded achievements, and... see more

I liked this website very much because it allows its users to design speaking animated characters in minutes. I think it... see more

An engaging, simple and easy to use program that can be very useful for instructional designers. It can make your audio... see more

SitePal is an Internet-based subscription service that allows you to create a wide-array of animated speaking characters,... see more

This link describes how an individual FET transistor is built with masks. It also shows the simulation of the FET with... see more

Quick and efficient interactive "slides" to use for teaching and learning organic chemistry. Free use samples, at the... see more

A short cartoon with helpful hints and tips on revision.

What is the one thing that parents and teenagers have in common? They both believe that the other is not listening to... see more

From our friends at Project First, this is an interactive lesson website that teaches us about the aurora phenomenon.

This site describes the changes that have occurred in the taxonomy first proposed by Benjamin Bloom in 1956. The revision... see more

3D pictures of Hydrogen; 3D animations of Hydrogen transition; 3D animations of density distribution; Java-Applets for... see more

The site guides a student through an introduction to conceptual frameworks, help in forming a research question, the... see more

A simulated, animated caliper and ruler that can be used to measure nuts, bolts, washer, penny, and little cube with... see more

An animated display of a toy store for children to see, identify and use money pieces. Reinforces base 10 concepts used... see more

Commercial software but with lots of online demos. Two areas - Math Packs 1 and Maths Pack 2.

This is an illustrated and often animated dictionary of mathematical terms. Many concepts are shown via interactive... see more

This is a great site for kid?s grades first through eight. Easy to load and easy for kids to understand. In this site you... see more

The goal of the NSF-funded Molecular Workbench has been to provide a rich environment that makes the atomic level... see more