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This video goes into detaisl on how the immunohistochemistry. Immunohistochemistry or IHC staining refers to the process... see more

Biosearch Technologies' standalone video describing the mechanism behind Stellaris RNA FISH. Stellaris FISH (fluorescence... see more

This amazing animation, developed with support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, shows exactly what happens when... see more

An interesting and extreamly educational animation of the steps of cellular repsiration.

An interactive "enchanted book," this learning object designed to accompany the "Power of Poison" exhibit in the Natural... see more

The Mendelian Monohybrid Cross This video offers a description of the monohybrid (single trait) controlled cross... see more

From Web site: "Pixar in a Box is designed to help students answer an age old question: "why do I need to learn this... see more

These animations are based on actual serial sections and therefore show actual artifacts and some poor sections as... see more

YouTube Video series developed at UMass Amherst by the Center for Hierachical Manufacturing and the Center for... see more

An excellent summary of the importance of engaging in 30 minutes of daily physical activity

Este material audiovisual pretende presentar de una forma clara y sencilla el manejo de los menores de tres (3) años... see more

This video contributes to the prevention of the further spread of the Ebola virus in Africa. The video reflects the... see more

This site is an excellent resource for introduction to hearth and lung function with fun, interactive learning tools and... see more

This 3D solar system model lets you navigate between planets, see their positions on a specific date, explore how they... see more

This lecture entitled Selection in Action, describes the comparison between the artificial selection of dogs and corn and... see more

This lecture entitled Hominid Paleobiology, discusses about the Hominid fossil record of the past six milions years. This... see more

A collection of animations and interactive activities related to biochemistry from the Wiley designed to accompany the... see more

Allows users to run a climate model to see how the climate probably will change in 100 years! Includes animations and... see more

In this animation, comparing features of a 4.4-million-year-old fossil skeleton to those of human and chimpanzee... see more

Animation software for an introductory Dynamics course has been developed. This interactive software is unique because... see more

This animation provides a better understanding of how proteins fold. It includes the folding motifs, an illustration of... see more

This animation provides an overview of signal transduction which is the process that allows all cells of the body to... see more