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Students analyze data on temperature and precipitation collected from 26 different Long Term Ecological Research sites... see more

A one page assignment that uses online tutorials to give students a first exposure to the components of a cell and... see more

Upload this free Micro package to your LMS for students to learn anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Automatically... see more

This s a simple and fun classroom activity where students exercise their creativity by coming up with various methods to... see more

Investigate a famous case study for evolution - the peppered moth.

I just saw this video on a bicycle that is being made with a tetrahedron design and absolutely think that this is cool.... see more

Best practices for screening newborns. Covering: laws and legislation, key components of screening, screening results,... see more

This is a unit used in a personal nutrition course that covers nutrition for optimal health and disease prevention.  The... see more

A one page activity that takes students to several websites related to the obesity epidemic. First they can calculate... see more

The purpose of this resource is to help students understand the connection between remote sensing, computer imagery, and... see more

The purpose of this resource is to familiarize students with the importance of perspective and various scales of remotely... see more

Students learn the definition of an opposable thumb, explore the variety of species with this trait and, through a fun,... see more

Students in Environmenatl Science or Biology classes can test tropospheric ozone levels with inexpensive materials... see more

This page provides a problem-based activity on risk assessment of environmental health issues. Students will look at how... see more

The purpose of this resource is to observe the flowering and leaf stages of selected garden plants throughout the year.... see more

Simple experiment to demonstrate concept of chromatography and extract isolation. Framed as a race to find a miracle cure... see more

This site connects scientist mentors with high school class that want to do a hands on experiment using plants. Site has... see more

How to use the profile icon using Catia V5 software.

The purpose of this resource is to select 15 km x 15 km Land Cover Sample Sites.

"Saving Plulluterville" is a complete lesson plan designed to inform students on the effects of pollution in the... see more

The purpose of this resource is to classify and count the reproductive phenological phases of receptacles on selected... see more

In this Interactive Lecture Demonstration, students will see videos on the French-language Alerte Terre! website. They... see more

In this cooperative learning activity, intermediate-level students of French will work in small groups on a language... see more

In this listening exercise, students in intermediate-level French will work in pairs on comprehension exercises related... see more