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The applets in this section of Statistical Java allow you to see how the Central Limit Theorem works. The main page gives... see more

Statistics Canada's website designed to teach secondary mathematics and information studies students statistical... see more

This collection of tutorials, authored by Thomas W. MacFarland of Nova Southeastern University, demonstrates various... see more

This collection of calculators, created by Thomas Kirkman of the College of Saint Bendict/Saint Joseph, allows users to... see more

This site contains 100 modules designed to introduce concepts in statistics. The modules are divided into categories such... see more

This page, created by the Department of Statistics at the University of California, Los Angeles, has data sets used by... see more

Created by T.D.V. Swinscow for the BMJ Publishing group, this textbook for medical statistics covers many topics such as:... see more

This online introductory statistics textbook covers basic descriptive, statistical, and graphical procedures for... see more

This page, created by Ino Dinov of the University of California, Berkeley, provides distribution calculators for the... see more

The datasets on this page are classified by analysis techniqueand by level of difficulty (lower, average, higher). They... see more

This is a collection of applets regarding various topics in statistics. Topics include central limit theorem, probability... see more

This collection of datasets from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst is categorized by topic. Each dataset and its... see more

Statistical Associates Publishing is a creation of Professor Dave Garson and hosts a number of free statistics e-books,... see more

These datasets come from the book "STAT LABS: Mathematical Statistics Through Applications." Below the link for each... see more

Created by Bernard Ellem, Gwenda Lewis and Bob Murison, faculty members at the University of New England, this is a class... see more

Created by David Lane of Rice University, this is a collection of applets organized by subject of study and searchable.... see more

Created by Michael Friendly, this site is the Statistical Consulting Service Web Resources page for York University. It... see more

This page contains three applets on linear, quadratic and exponential regression. Each allows the user to investigate the... see more

This site provides tables of population, gross national income per capita, total gross national income, purchasing power... see more

Ptplot is a set of two dimensional signal plotters components written in Java with the following properties: embeddable... see more

Here one finds a collection of applets and famous problems in probability (as well as other areas of mathematics such as... see more

This page, created by Virginia Tech's Department of Statistics, provides users with a myriad of different applets... see more

This library contains a plethora of downloadable applets and the components of the applets for use by teachers and... see more

Created by the University of California , Los Angeles, this site contains links to journals on probability and statistics... see more