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This article examines theories of capital structure pertaining to small firms and looks at the capital structure of small... see more

This paper studies venture capital investment activity in the United States stratified by both locations and industries.... see more

Recent evidence from U.S. markets shows that IPO underpricing is associated with high liquidity for issuing firms. One... see more

This paper documents the dramatic improvement in institutional, legal and regulatory environment for the exiting of... see more

The objective of this study is to investigate the long-run performance of initial public offerings (IPO) in Germany for... see more

The goal of this paper is to examine the impact of Initial Public Offerings (IPO) on the investment strategies of young... see more

The article analyzes the factors determining the capital structure of the Spanish small and medium enterprises [SMEs].... see more

This paper examines the structure of debt covenants in small firms, with emphasis on privately owned firms. It is based... see more

Changing conditions in the angel market offer a unique opportunity to further knowledge and understanding about angel... see more

Two alternatives research hypotheses concerning how small business lending affects bank profitability are tested. The... see more

Entrepreneurship is not only used to create a business idea, but also to restructure a business in response to... see more

We investigated the stock price behavior of public pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies upon approval of a drug by... see more

In this research we provide evidence on small firm owners' attitudes and approaches to capital acquisition. The most... see more

Often economists are asked to value business. Many times the information provided is minimal and of questionable value.... see more

Managers of start-up firms make a number of important yet understudied decisions, such as whether or not to develop a new... see more

Stock brokers are entrepreneurs who incur switching costs when the change brokerage houses. We use Helsinki Stock... see more

We use a simple model to analyze the founding stage of new firms. Our goal is to characterize the directional causality... see more

We investigate the financial sources of small firms through a survey of sample firms from West Texas. Evidence shows that... see more

In this article we test the value proposition hypothesis of supply chain management (SCM) by examining survey results of... see more

This paper presents an equity market where the value of a new technology is infrequently observable while the equity... see more

We examine whether and how investors' reliance on financial information is affected by the rate of sales growth of a... see more

Do entrepreneurs consider the risk of their business equity when making investment portfolio allocations? Many people... see more

Central questions in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance are briefly discussed and case is made for the need for... see more

In this study, we analyze eBusiness entrepreneurs nominated by the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award program... see more