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Optical properties such as dipole moment, oscillator strength, absorption and energy for graphene are available in an... see more

A group of learners simulates the spread of disease by trading slips of paper, one set of which has been treated with a... see more

This site shows the condensation reaction involved in peptides and protein synthesis.

Interactive food science modules train high school and college students in understanding the pH scale and how to... see more

The Applet, Qualitative Analysis of Cations, enable user to test virtual unknown samples of cation mixtures. User... see more

Create a spectrum and then interact with it. Notice that energy level transitions correspond to peaks in the spectrum.

StarBiochem is an application that displays molecules from the Protein Data Bank ( It allows users... see more

Stoichiometry calculator that students can use in order to check their work on many different types of stoichiometry... see more

The simulation shows distortion of the strontium titanate perovskite crystal structure below a critical temperature. The... see more

This java applet show you the physics processes of a Carnot heat engine. Carnot cycle is a four stage reversible sequence... see more

A Monte-Carlo simulation of a simple model of a polymer introduces the method.

The structure of simple binary salts of transition metal halides and oxides

You can estimate Boiling Point, Critical Properties, Vapor Pressure, Density, Heat of Vaporization, Solubility Parameter,... see more

Find the the complete state from any combination of two independent properties. To enter a property simply click on the... see more

A spreadsheet based titration allowing the user to create a titration curve and "look at the solution" to see relative... see more

A Wolfram simulation showing titration of various acids with a strong base.

'Beginning chemistry students can use this app to get a feel for conducting an acid-base titration and solving for... see more

An online (downloadable) calculator which carries uncertainties through calculations and mathematical operations. A... see more

Van der Waals isotherms are presented with interactive simulation power.  The Maxwell construction is available as a... see more

A simulated experiment for measuring the vapor pressure of liquids as a function of temperature by the isoteniscope... see more

The VRML File Creator for Chemical Structures is an online service for the generation of VRML scenes from your 2D or 3D... see more

This interactive simulation enable user to investigate the effect of temperature on the behavior of an fictional ideal... see more

A qualitative, non-math conversational -- but substantial -- introduction to the second law via practical everyday... see more