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En Esta informacion Tratare de explicar De forma clara 2 puntos de Como Optimizar su Computadora facilmente.

***New release in 2018***   RegressIt is a free Excel add-in for linear and logistic regression and multivariate data... see more

This site 'provides a collection of materials that presenters may use to promote universal design principles in library... see more

This document is 'a comprehensive training guideline to be used in developing face-to-face training at your campus.  It... see more

This site contains several materials from a Cal State University ATI webinar conducted by Greg Pisocky, Accessibility... see more

Basic tool for to experiment with fractions: The app lets you view the fractions represented in the form of overlapping... see more

El proceso de convergencia para la construcción de un Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior (EEES) introduce un cambio de... see more

Três videoaulas com o propósito de dar dicas para quem deseja fazer o caminho de Santiago de Compostela

This is a website focused on helping people engage with consumers and find their needs. Although it is focused on selling... see more

This site includes important step-by-step information to prepare singers for their musical careers.  It includes... see more

Grade school students learn computer coding using Scratch during eight meetings of an after-school Computer Club.

This is a set of flashcards created through to learn the Russian alphabet. 

A video-based workshop prepared for university/college writing instructors whose classes include second language (L2)... see more

The University of Santiago de Compostela is organizing the D3MOBILE METROLOGY WORLD LEAGUE (, an... see more

J-Lab:  Interactive Institute for Journalism is an excellent website for learning about Journalism. Here journalists and... see more

This is a nation wide website that keeps up with current job postings and has the links to apply for them. 

This material is meant to be a resource to help advise students who qualify for a developmental education course. These... see more

This material is meant to be a resource to help advise students who qualify for a developmental education course. These... see more

This is a simple list of a few simple ways to keep your pregnant partner happy.

WiBit.Net is a video tutorial web site offering cutting edge programming and computer tutorials. It specializes in... see more

This website has resources and safety videos for using power tools 

This site has a great curriculum for Robotics Instruction. Robotics kits, software, lesson videos/presentations and... see more

Online source for technical support and lesson plans

This lesson received an honorable mention in the 2010 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge. 'The goal of this training is to comply... see more