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This course is an anthropological exploration of religions in diverse cultural and historical contexts. Our focus will be... see more

This course from The Met has a number of units that could provide helpful content for those teaching an Introduction to... see more

Website for courses in the history of the "second temple" period. Part of the Assisting You to Learn set of websites

Website for the study of the Hebrew Bible - Part of the "Assisting you to learn" set of websites.

Website for the academic courses on Judaism - Part of the Assisting You to Lean set of websites

Radio programs on religion and ethics from the BBC. Link to the BBC guide to the religions of the World and the BBC... see more

BBC pages on religions practiced in the UK. The site also reports on ethical issues such as euthanasia, genetic... see more

We develop original, interactive Java games on Jewish themes using our in-house technologies for image packing,... see more

An excellent and thorough academic Bible Study site maintained mostly by professionals of the Dallas Theological... see more

BibleDudes is a totally awesome, entertaining, and informative website devoted to teaching the most influential book ever... see more

CCEL is a theological library containing 1000+ of the most important public-domain works. Various topics include: books... see more

Discussion of Christianity, including belief systems of conservative Protestants, liberal Protestants, Eastern Orthodox,... see more

This graduate level dissertation advances conversation on understanding conflict at the intrapersonal, interpersonal,... see more

This is a lesson geared toward higher education students in which the definition of "myth", according to the academic... see more

This is an self-directed interactive PowerPoint lesson and review for students to gain an understanding of the criteria... see more

An resource for students of church history from the close of the New Testament until the rise of the medieval papacy. The... see more

EduTube was launched to provide a solution to these two problems. EduTube is a platform launched in April 2008 which... see more

This free, online textbook is found at HippoCampus, so the book is indexed by topic, rather than using a table of... see more

Discusses all aspects of homosexuality and bisexuality from a religious perspective

This Introduction to South and East Asian Philosopher Reader was developed as an Open Textbook (OER, Open Educational... see more

"This course examines the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) as an expression of the religious life and thought of ancient... see more

This free, online textbook is found at HippoCampus, so the book is indexed by topic, rather than using a table of... see more

Describes the meaning and significance of the names of God in Genesis

A website devoted to the Hebrew Bible (Tana"kh) and the RaMBaM's Complete Restatement of the Oral Law (Mishneh Torah).... see more