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The purpose of this topic is to look at the nature and purpose of the science of economics. The methodology is studied. A... see more

This course is a review of major topics of microeconomics. It deals primarily with the behavior of participants in... see more

But while the fast-forward technological revolution gets all the headlines these days, something much larger is slowly... see more

The purpose of this handbook is to help you use, create, and share "open educational resources" (OER). Digital... see more

Welcome to the Open Shakespeare web interface. This site provides access to many, but by no means all, of the facilities... see more

There can be no more potent demonstration of the trust that Americans place in the rule of law and their confidence in... see more

'This is an introductory course and covers the key features of the C language and its usage. The first five chapters help... see more

a concise introduction to software design using the Python programming language. Intended for people with no programming... see more

This is a 'textbook for beginning Spanish courses that covers all of the major grammar rules, moving slowly and offering... see more

'Geography touches every aspect of our lives. At its simplest, geography is concerned with where something is at, why... see more

Features updates on all chapters from the first edition and the addition of 4 new chapters (on Mobile Learning, Social... see more

The release of OpenOffi 3.0 has been one of the most anticipated software packages among open source advocates and... see more

Books and articles on instructional design in online learning abound but rarely do we get such a comprehensive picture of... see more

This book is written as a series of conversations. In each conversation the participants discuss, argue about, and... see more

AJAX is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a development technique for creating interactive web... see more

Computers are used to find, store, process and share data and information. The World Wide Web is an example of a vast... see more

The search for sustainable energy will dominate the twenty-first century. This unit provides an introductory overview of... see more

This text is designed to acquaint students with the physical, ecological, social, and political principles of... see more

Democracy may be a word familiar to most, but it is a concept still misunderstood and misused at a time when dictators,... see more

Computer science textbook with 13 chapters, grouped into four sections: 1) What is Information Systems? 2)IS... see more

French textbook on wikibooks

The main objective of this online textbook is to introduce students to the exciting field of knowledge known as physical... see more

This book (1) describes the distribution and nature of geothermal energy, (2) reviews the common types of geothermal... see more