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An overview of basic elements of expense recognition, to accompany chapter 3 of ... see more

In lesson two of the eight provided by Simple Studies, the following concepts are addressed: accrual accounting,... see more

This video lecture  corresponds with Chapter 18 of the author's Principles of Accounting online textbook.  It is the 4th... see more

This is a You Tube Movie featuring CPAs discussing the danger of credit cards and the positives of establishing savings... see more

In "A Discussion about Fraud and Bankruptcy," Nigel Holloway, director for the Americas of the Economist Intelligence... see more

Free podcast/video from that provides an overview of Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS). ... see more

From the Kahn Academy, Personal Taxes consists of the following 10 short videos: Basics of U.S. Income Tax Rates (1:02)... see more

This 6:11 minute video is the second of ten in the series on Budgeting Basics created for the Association of Washington... see more

This 5:45 minute YouTube video is the last of five lectures that supports Chapter One: Welcome to the World of Accounting... see more

An introduction to the methods of accounting for common stock. Topics covered include the cost method, equity, method,... see more

This is a presentation offered by BookBoon. This is a video presentation by Larry Walther on Available-for-Sale... see more

This playlist consists of 8 short You-Tube videos to support the 9th edition of the Needles and Powers Financial... see more

This series of videos coincides with Chapter 7 from the 9th edition of the Needles and Powers Financial Accounting... see more

In this video, you will learn in depth about accounting of business transactions and learn about how they affect... see more

This series of three videos from the Kahn Academy addresses the folloiwng topics:  Balance Sheet and Income Statement... see more

This is a presentation on Absorption Costing.  Because the presentation was developed in the UK, some of the terms may be... see more

This 9-minute YouTube videos describes software options available for small businesses.  Products discussed include... see more

From the finance collection of videos by the Kahn Academy, Introduction to Present Value provides a 10:19 (min.) video... see more

An introduction to the consolidation procedure under the acquisition method. Assumes purchase at book value and equity... see more

This is a very simple explanation to help students understand the differences between debits and credits. Reading the... see more

Sistema de Cajas de Compensación en Chile. Objetivo de las instituciones. Origen. Afiliación. Beneficios. Formas de pago.

This is a presentation offered by BookBoon. This is a video featuring Larry Walther on Commitments, Leases and Fair Value

This is a 45-minute video that includes Kelly Wessel, CEO of Wessel Accounting (, who outlines... see more

In June 2012, the Governmental Accounting Standards Board issued two new statements impacting how state and local... see more