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In this clip Dr. Thomas Angelo of LaTrobe University, Victoria, Australia gives 5 ways instructors can promote successful... see more

This is a a goal-directed Instructional Design Plan- How to Prepare H-1B petitions: Sample Plan for Department... see more

This goal-based instructional design plan responds to the educational need for career ePortfolios at Lansing Community... see more

Learn at least 10 Google Search tricks you did not know and probably more.  You will see over a dozen ways to search... see more

check this web site, it´s basic but good in my humble opinion Take care!!

Guía para el diseño de Problemas en la método Aprendizaje Basado en Problemas (ABP).Contiene 13 temas clave para el... see more

This website has information on what FTP is and how you can use it to get materials onto the web. 

This research tries to install a modular methodology to get  significant learning by evening working students, who do not... see more

inClass is a FREE productivity app that all you to take video notes, audio notes, and photo notes.

Infografía sencilla para saber que tipo de residuos deben ir en cada tipo de contenedores.

Página del Programa Enlaces (programa para implementar la informática en la educación chilena) con recursos para docentes... see more

Inplant Training with real-time technology is utilized to gain knowledge and job. OneYes Technologies focus on the... see more

This workshop is designed to demystify course or unit design by modeling a systematic approach to instructional design.... see more

Bilgi ve İletişim Teknolojileri dersinin İnterne ve İletişim Ünitesi için hazırlanmış olan bir eğitim yazılımıdır.

This lesson presentation is suitable for high school pupils, further more it gives one insigt into the devices used by... see more

Are you looking for IT training in Delhi? This is the right place. Stucorner is the best IT training institute with... see more

This web app allows screen sharing for free.

This is a simple list of a few simple ways to keep your pregnant partner happy.


El proceso de convergencia para la construcción de un Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior (EEES) introduce un cambio de... see more

En el Laboratorio Virtual de Inglés de la Facultad de Medicina puedes aprender cosas nuevas, poner en práctica tus... see more

This short paper is designed for busy school administrators who know there are tools, but do not have time to research... see more

En este sitio web, ustedes podrán encontrar tanto planificaciones como guías para practicar el idioma inglés.  Este sitio... see more