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The Foreign Relations of the United States series is the official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign... see more

This course will introduce the student to the history of Europe from the medieval period to the Age of Revolutions in the... see more

This course will introduce the student to the history of Europe from 1800 to present day. The student will learn about... see more

' “London: A City Through Time” is neither coffee-table book nor guide nor map, but a nearly endless fusion of all three... see more

This is the course syllabus for History 303: The Roman Empire.

This open textbook is being utilized in a history course for undergraduate students by Miriam Raub Vivian, Ph.D. at CSU... see more

The notion of a superior ‘Germanic’ or ‘Nordic’ race was a central theme in Nazi ideology. But it was also a commonly... see more

"A very complete and detailed volume discussing Rome and how it evolved through time. Contents: transformation of Rome... see more

This project discovers the history of Modern Europe, starting at the Hundred Years War and ending at the present time. A... see more

Germany has had a profound influence on English stories for children. The Brothers Grimm, The Swiss Family Robinson and... see more

When in 1821, the Greeks rose in violent revolution against the rule of the Ottoman Turks, waves of sympathy spread... see more

According to Textbook Revolution, "This site is actually the equivalent to three books on different areas of European... see more

This free, online textbook/course explores the Holocaust, as the destruction of European Jewry is commonly known. The... see more

This is a free online course from UC Berkeley.  The course consist of 25 lectures, each of which can be downloaded as a... see more

This paper presents the subject of the expansion process of roman citizenship culminating in the Severan Dynasty. The... see more

This is a free online course offered by UCLA. "Covering the ancient world through the age of technology, this illustrated... see more

Mondadori presents a fantastic voyage to Ancient Rome, the capital of the largest empire in the ancient world, which has... see more

Student reviews of websites about the history of Western Civlization.

This subject surveys main currents of European cultural and intellectual history in the modern period. Such a foundation... see more

This interdisciplinary course surveys modern European culture to disclose the alignment of literature, opposition, and... see more

The Medieval Review (formerly the Bryn Mawr Medieval Review) publishes reviews, in electronic form, of "current work in... see more

הרצאה מוקלטת בוידאו בנושא החייל הרומי : הצבא הרומי היה הכלי העיקרי בו שלטה האימפריה הרומית על השטחים שכבשה. במה מאופיינת... see more

Balkan News Brokers for current events in the Balkans.

This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license.   This book provides the most in-depth study of capital punishment in... see more