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A description of China and the culture of the Chinese people. The text is in Chinese simplified characters.

Online news about China's businesses in many categories

Information on China and Chinese cooking in both English and Chinese.

This is a free, online wikibook so it is continually being updated and refined.  According to the authors, "This page... see more

The purpose of this course is to develop (i) Basic conversational abilities (pronunciation, fundamental grammatical... see more

This tool makes learning to read Chinese easier by automatically marking up the words in a simplified Chinese text with... see more

This is a character finding tool that can be used to help locate characters and words that are used in Practical Chinese... see more

An interface to access the major Chinese character dictionaries on the web at the character-to-character level, allowing... see more

This site answers questions about viewing and using Chinese on computers, and has related explanations, links, and sample... see more

Objectives: to expose students to the obstacles to communication created by the presence of dialects, to make students... see more

Users can search for journal abstracts in this site. It supports both English and Big5 Chinese.

Chinese Harry Potter in Traditional Chinese These Harry Potter books in Chinese are purchased directly from the... see more

This subject is the second semester of two that form an introduction to modern standard Chinese, commonly called... see more

This course, along with 21F.107 / 21F.157 Chinese I (Streamlined) offered in the previous fall, form the elementary level... see more

This is a list of games that can be used to help you learn Chinese.  

崑山科技大學核心通識 - 國文(1)課程

崑山科技大學核心通識課程 - 中國文學(2)

Tutorial/information on using and installing Chinese fonts on the Macintosh with useful links.

Information/tutorial on how to use fonts with links to resources.

Conversations in greetings, expressing thanks, and food terms.

This attractive slide show tests students on the culture of Chinese New Year. Students learn the customs of this festival... see more

Global news written in Chinese and English, including weekly summaries and magazines.

Online Chinese dictionary, with different output choices (GB, BIG5, or as image).

A free online phrase finder that will help you find alternative ways of expressing yourself in Chinese.