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This activity provides practice for constructing confidence intervals and performing hypothesis tests. In addition, it... see more

The t-distribution activity is a student-based in-class activity to illustrate the conceptual reason for the... see more

This interactive applet provides a variety of statistical demonstrations including an interactive scatterplot and... see more

This activity will allow students to learn the difference between observational studies and experiments, with emphasis on... see more

This OPEN TEXTBOOK is for Politically-Oriented Web-Enhanced Research Methods for Undergraduates — Topics and Tools:... see more

UCLA Statistical Consulting Classes and Workshops available online: - Stata -SAS -SPSS

This video provides a brief introduction to the standard normal dstribution curve.  

A collection of classified JavaScript learning objects to enhance learning statistical concepts.

This site contains videos of example of most types of exercises that students will encounter in an elementary statistics... see more

The third volume in a series of Advanced Educational Statistics, Linear Regression maintains the no nonsense teaching... see more

Many Eyes is a beta site created by IBM that encourages users to explore its featured set of tools that can be used to... see more

A computer simulation on the web to visualize the genesis of normal and log-normal distributions

Throw darts at a circle, get the ratio inside to outside circle, and estimate pi.

Use Monte Carlo Simulation to estimate the area of an ellipse.

The Open Research Glossary is designed as a reference resource to inform people about the culture of "Open Scholarship."... see more

Tutorial and applet to demonstrate the Pearson r correlation in probability and statistics. This is part of the larger... see more

Compiling of statstical studies over a broad range of subjects.

""There seems to be a pervasive notion that "you can prove anything with statistics." This is only true if you use them... see more

This applet helps to demonstrate the power of a hypothesis test for means.  Users set the null and alternative hypotheses... see more

This is a collection of java applets that illustrate surprising and/or classical statistical results through... see more

Probability plotter and calculator allows students to explore different distributions and their relationships. ... see more

A lot of events in our life seem random or impossible to predict. However, with probability theory we can learn more... see more