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This lecture entitled Selection in Action, describes the comparison between the artificial selection of dogs and corn and... see more

Website describing the formation of protocells, life's simplest living systems.

In this site, students will be able to learn about the broad diversity of eye evolution. Students will be able to view a... see more

To quote the site, "Biological classification systems are multi-purpose constructs with 'internal' information content in... see more

ForensicEA is a simulation program that models the evolution of viruses. Using the program a patient is infected with a... see more

36 videos on evolution. The videos are each about 15 minutes long and are done Khan Academy style, with drawings being... see more

This simulation illustrates the interaction between migration and genetic drift. Users may select from three different... see more

This simulation illustrates the interaction between mutation and genetic drift. Users may select from three different... see more

This is a robust website on genetics and the Human Genome that provides interactive, multimedia-rich information and... see more

Scroll through the page to view the vastness of the geologic time frame. Included on this page are two HHMI Holiday... see more

This site provides information on the fossil record and how fossils are formed and discovered. An animation on how a... see more

This site is designed for researchers in the field of gene regulation or the molecular biology of hemoglobin. However,... see more

Group 6: Evolutionary theories regarding the rising frequency of Type 2 diabetes.

Interactive graphic diagram presenting a modern version of Simpson's famous phylogenetic sequence of horse fossils. 1)... see more

This animation shows the various human ancestors and how they relate to modern humans. Some of the topcs discussed are... see more

This is an online tutorial on how to it=interpret cladograms. It has background explanations and twenty quiz questions... see more

A well linked description of how to make and analyze phylogenetic trees with embedded assignments and activities.

This site includes an interactive human evolution timeline. One can learn about the various species, the time range of... see more

This site provides a human family tree. Students can compare various species and where each species falls on the human... see more

This lab course supplements "Introduction to Evolutionary Biology and Ecology". Although it does not replicate a true lab... see more

This is a companion web site to a Public Broadcasting System Nova documentary on sharks filmed around Cocos Island. It... see more

For people interested in learning more about apes and links to humans, this site presents "comparisons of the social... see more

This applet illustrates the relationship between allele frequency and population mean fitness for a simple one-locus,... see more

This is a 3'43" YouTube video that explains meiosis, independent assortment and three mechanisms selfish genes can use to... see more