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This applet simulates the titration of a weak acid (in the beaker) with a strong base (in the burette). The pK of the... see more

A web-based learning aid part of JCE's WebWare Open Review Collection. Interactive pi-Bonding Effects demonstrates the... see more

  This is an automated demonstration enabling the user to measure the optical rotatory dispersion of a mixture of optical... see more

This is a simulation of a hand-held conductivity meter. A menu allows selection of a cation/anion pair, a concentration,... see more

Science channel site which has video clips of the show, "How Its Made." These can be used in a variety of ways in the... see more

SimzLab is a desktop app (Mac and Win) with web access (rich internet application) for access to simulations of interest... see more

simulates second law of thermodynamics

This computer interactive lets you explore the effect of changing the number of colors and resolution of a picture. You... see more

The Howard Hughes Medical Institue offers virtual labs in different subjects as a means of spreading education about... see more

This site contains a Flash animation of how crude oil is distilled. The teachers resource section also has more resources... see more

This web page was designed to teach students the  light-dependent reactions and light independent reactions of... see more

A site with MANY links to interactive, informational, and interesting information about Particles, Atoms, and Energy.

3D interactive model of Chloroform CHCl_ for demonstrating molecular geometry, vibrations, symmetry and orbitals.

'Ever thought of becoming a famous scientist? We have got the perfect formula for you to start with! 135 progressive and... see more

EnviroLand contains several Visual Basic simulations of wet laboratory experiments for environmental chemistry (i.e.... see more

This applet allows you to see the Gibbs Free Energy Equation from a qualitative or quantitative standpoint. You can... see more

JBioFramework (JBF) is a set of simulations of three different chemical separations applications (ion exchange... see more

This printable resource provides information on the marine mammals found along the U.S. east coast from North Carolina to... see more

simulates hamiltonian solution to an electron in a potential well

Introductory quantum mechanics with application to the chemical bond

דף עבודה אינטראקטיבי בנושא מחזור המים בטבע ומעברם בין מצבי הצבירה השונים. הדף כולל הדמייה, שאלות סגורות עם בדיקה ושאלה... see more

PureWaterLab provides lessons and interactive simulations about water purification processes. Simulations can be run on-... see more

Software which enables freshman general chemistry students to explore Bronsted acid-base theory.