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2, 6-Diaminopyridine (2, 6-DAP) has extensive use in synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds. The objective of present... see more

2,6-Dichlorophenol (2,6-DCP) is a compound used for the synthesis of chemicals and pharmaceutical agents. The present... see more

2-Aminopyridine is an important compound, which is used as intermediate for the synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds.... see more

The date palm is mainly cultivated for the production of sweet fruit. Date palm callus initiation medium (DPCIM) is used... see more

O-aminophenol has extensive uses as a conducting material and in electrochemical devices. The objective of this research... see more

Aromatic amines and their derivatives are widely used in the production of dyes, cosmetics, medicines and polymers.... see more

4-Bromoacetophenone is an acetophenone derivative known for its usefulness in organic coupling reactions and various... see more

Cellulose and its derivatives are used as potential matrices for biomaterials and tissue engineering applications. The... see more

Chitosan (CS) and sodium alginate (SA) are two widely popular biopolymers which are used for biomedical and... see more

Acrylamide (AM) and 2-chloroacetamide (CA) are widely used in diverse applications such as biomedical, drug delivery,... see more

N,N-Dimethylformamide (DMF) is a ‘universal’ solvent and has wide variety of applications in organic synthesis,... see more

Phosphate buffer saline (PBS) has numerous biological and pharmaceutical applications. Hank buffer salt (HBS) has been... see more

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P-Hydroxyacetophenone (PHAP) is an aromatic ketone derivative that is mainly used in the manufacturing of various... see more

In the present study, the influence of biofield treatment on physical and thermal properties of Casein Enzyme Hydrolysate... see more

2-chlorobenzonitrile (2-ClBN) is widely used in the manufacturing of azo dyes, pharmaceuticals, and as intermediate in... see more

This site has a listing of herbs used to treat medical conditions. Information about the herbs includes the scientific... see more

Cellulose being an excellent biopolymer has cemented its place firmly in many industries as a coating material, textile,... see more

Para nitroaniline (p-Nitroaniline) is an organic compound, used as an intermediate in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals... see more

Butylatedhydroxytoluene (BHT) and 4-methoxyphenol (4-MP) are phenol derivatives that are generally known for their... see more

Benzene, toluene and p-xylene are derivatives of benzene, generally produced from crude petroleum and have numerous... see more

2-Aminopyridine (2-AP) and 2,6-diaminopyridine (2,6-DAP) are two derivatives of aminopyridines that act as an important... see more

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The by-products of industrially processed fish are enzymatically converted into fish protein isolates and hydrolysates... see more