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The history of pharmaceutical agents is as old as that of man himself. Since the dawn of time, man has used a wide... see more

This Java applet simulates an experiment for the determination of the Planck constant and the work function: A single... see more

This material allows students to explore relativity and time dilation using data on K-meson decay in accelerators. It... see more

This is a free, online textbook that can be downloaded in its entirety as a pdf. 

Software for generation of quasiperiodic tilings with local 5..22-fold symmetry with user definable colors for the... see more

Simulation and Tutorial, with downloadable executables, for discussing basic topics in quantum mechanics. Hungarian... see more

Utility allows user to set parameters of various crystal structures, from which the utility creates a .wrl file for... see more

A program to illustrate the appearance of fast moving objects due to special relativity. Effects modeled are: the Lorentz... see more

Includes a discussion on basic theory, benefits, and impact on society.

This is a subprogram of XR95 compiled for separate release. It allows you to draw the habit of a crystal after giving the... see more

This program allows you to simulate X-Ray diffraction patterns for several diffraction methods on the basis of an... see more

This program allows you to draw Crystal structures on the basis of an inputfile with data on the assymmetric unit.

How waves reveal the atomic structure of crystals

Current is defined as the flow of electricity through a circuit over time. This Formula Solver! Series program shows the... see more

Interative representation of radioactive decay series: Th232, Pu241, U238, U235.

Ohm's Law describes the fundamental relationship between voltage, resistance, and current. This Formula Solver! Series... see more

This Formula Solver! Series program shows the step-by-step solution for finding resistance in a series circuit (using up... see more

Illustration of the concepts of the Fermi Level, Density of States, and carrier concentrations in semiconductors.... see more

An applet that demonstrates radioactive decay. Source code available on main site. Foreign language versions available.

""...shows the Fermi function at a given termperature T.""

This site contains several hundred articles concerned with mathematics and physics. General topics include Number Theory,... see more

In parallel circuits, power is a function of current and voltage. This Formula Solver! Series program shows the... see more

In the world of electricity, power is the product of current and voltage. This Formula Solver! Series program shows the... see more

A series of animated gifs, plus extensive explanation.