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This tutorial demonstrates how a virtual image is formed on the opposite side of an object's reflection in a concave... see more

This tutorial explores diffraction of light through an adjustable slit (or aperture). Visitors can adjust the slit width... see more

Applet demonstrates the diffraction of particles passing through a single slit. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is... see more

Reprint from Applied Optics, Vol. 13. Talks about how to calculate effective emissivity

An applet that demonstrates refraction of light.

Basic tutorial on how laptop screens work, aimed at those with little experience in physics.

Interactive Illustration of light dispersion though a prism

Illustrates light dispersion through a glass block.

average emissivity values for various materials. Reference for Blackbody Radiation.

This is a game to learn physics of light reflection from mirror.

A table of nuclides, with information about the istope displayed when selected.

During investigations of a point source of light that does not lie in the focal plane of a lens, it is often convenient... see more

These tutorials demonstrate how the three primary additivecolors can be combined in different proportions to produce... see more

Two applets demonstrate the daughter/parent ratios of radioactive decay. Extensive explanatory text included.

An online utility for converting between units associated with radioactivity, such as Becquerels and Curies.

Illustrates the diffraction of light through a drop of water.

Extensive text explanation of basic geometric optics.

This tutorial explores the incident and reflected angles of a single light wave impacting on a smooth surface.

This Java applet shows the physics behind a beam of light impinging at some angle on a surface boundary.

A set of four archival recordings from the University of Auckland (New Zealand) of the physicist Richard Feynman. The... see more

Explore how a simple magnifying glass works with this tutorial designed to explain the concept of magnification. The... see more

There are three basic aspects of an NMR spectrum which help chemists determine the chemical structure a substance. This... see more

This unique tutorial explores the effect of lens shape on image formation. The visitor is able to configure a lens to be... see more

This tutorial demonstrates how variable capacitors are used with inductor coils in tuning circuits of radios, television... see more