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Extensive theoretical discussion (text and graphics only) of thermodynamics.

Extensive text description and corresponding applet for the Boltzmann distribution.

Simulation of the brownian diffusion of particles deviation and a graph of the radial density

This online tutorial explains the theory of Brownian motion. Illustrations of this motion are provided by both a movie... see more

This Applet shows(simulates) the Brownian movements of particles into a fluid, etc..

This applet presents a simulation of four simple transformations in a contained ideal diatomic gas. The user chooses the... see more

This calculator is designed to replace tables (e.g. NACA 1135) in performing basic compressible aerodynamics... see more

A Java Applet for understanding conformal mapping and its applications.

This java applet show you the physics processes of a Carnot heat engine. Carnot cycle is a four-stage reversible sequence... see more

Illustrates the buoyant force acting on a floating object of varying density.

Java Animation of Carnot Engine and Cycle

Illustrates Volume/pressure relationship for diesel engine

Demonstration of Pressure/Volume relationship in an Otto engine

Illustrates stream lines near a spinning cylinder

Simulation of a (two-dimensional) gas of hard spheres. Shows Maxwell-Boltzmann speed distribution, and illustrates such... see more

simulates second law of thermodynamics

Demonstrates properties of heat flow in a 2-dimensional domain.

A simulation of the kinetic theory of gasses. Students can study the dependence of the mixing of two gasses on... see more

This experiment is designed to further demonstrate the properties of the ideal gas law. Mirror site:... see more