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This site offers an extensive collection of links to sites about water, life, and agriculture in the American West. Some... see more

This site features Flash and QuickTime animations related to groundwater. They contrast the permeability of gravel, sand,... see more

This bulletin discusses the magnitude 7.9 earthquake that shook the islands of Tonga in May 2006. Topics include the... see more

In this activity, students will familiarize themselves with ground water terminology, learn how hazardous materials... see more

Natural history information on some of the organisms found on soft-bottoms mainly in the coasts of Washington. Good... see more

This unit consists of a variety of materials that explain the shape of the Earth and how it is measured. There is a set... see more

This role-playing activity engages students in a practical exercise in land use planning, helping to reinforce the... see more

These ten lessons on various navigation topics from the Institute of Navigation include an introduction to navigation,... see more

This site features contact information for SeaWorld and Busch Gardens animal experts. The website also provides access to... see more

This page includes an overview of sperm whale biology, adaptations, and behaviors. It is a basic introduction to anatomy,... see more

On-line expeditions explores the ocean depths by introducing deep-sea research with interactive features, photos, audio... see more

Defines geodesy and introduces the National Geodetic Survey. View a tutorial on the history, elements and modern methods... see more

SeaWIFS (Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view Sensor), a NASA project using satellites to collect ocean color data to quantify... see more

In this activity, students use laboratory equipment to construct a working simulation of a geyser. When the water is... see more

This resource provides an overview of the Mariana Trench, the deepest of 22 known deep-ocean trenches, located in the... see more

Provides real-time water temperature data and average monthly temperatures from stations along coastal U.S. Clickable map... see more

Excellent site by Bigelow Laboratory presents seasonal data from the Gulf of Maine, introduces principles and... see more

Located in Seattle, Washington, PMEL carries out interdisciplinary scientific investigations in oceanography and... see more

The complete legislation regarding United States coastal zone management. Included in the Act is the establishment of the... see more

This resource explains how the oceans became salty. Topics include the source of the salt, how rainwater dissolves rock... see more

This resource describes the rocky intertidal habitats of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and their biological... see more

Map of NOAA's various research laboratories across the United States. Click on each acronym to explore the 15 different... see more

The Bishop Museum in Honolulu houses a diverse array of exhibits focusing on the natural and cultural history of the... see more

This interactive lesson introduces students to issues of biodiversity in Chesapeake Bay. It features background... see more