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El área Informática y Telecomunicaciones, a través de la actualización curricular de sus carreras, ha incorporado desde... see more

Open source web conferencing tool. From the web site, "The world's easiest web conference-lets you deliver synchronized... see more

These tips are designed for anyone who would like ideas about how to design and teach a course in an online environment.... see more

From the ePortfolio Day of Planning 8/13/09. Video is captured. Mapping and creating an ePortfolio culture help prepare... see more

From the ePortfolio Day of Planning 8/13/09. Features Kevin Kelly discussing Mapping ePortfolios to goals. Site includes... see more

From the 8/13/09 ePortfolio Day of Planning. Site includes video, and supporting handouts Review emerging definitions of... see more

This powerpoint provides an overview of what ePortfolios are and what they can be with the right planning. Also see... see more

Resumen El siguiente trabajo fue realizado sobre una metodología cualitativa y utilizando la investigación acción en el... see more

From the February 2009 Day of Dialogue: SFSU has been working on ePortfolio implementation, and here we have the Director... see more

This is an introductory lesson for Lego Robotics. The lesson is created to span an entire week or maybe even more. This... see more

This is a goal-directed instructional design plan geared to unemployed people from age 18 to older job seekers who are... see more

Inclusive Design is design that is inclusive of the full range of human diversity with respect to ability, language,... see more

This orientation is required by all students at NCCC taking an online or blended course for the first time at Niagara... see more

The New Employee Orientation provides an overview of the CSU system, the 23 campuses and the role of the Chancellor's... see more

This is Penn State's ePortfolio website which is a great model to emulate. This link goes directly to their "about"... see more

El presente trabajo de Investigación Aplicada tiene como principal objetivo validar estrategias de enseñanza centradas en... see more

Investigación que evalúa el proceso educativo considerando el actuar pedagógico en el aula, los factores o situaciones... see more

Esta es una investigación acción acerca de la motivación laboral docente en la Universidad Tecnológica de Chile sede... see more

Investigación aplicada en técnicas de enseñanza aprendizaje utilizadas intra aula que permitieran contribuir a la... see more

El presente trabajo de investigación se realiza utilizando un modelo de investigación acción práctica, cuyo propósito... see more

La finalidad de la presente investigación cualitativa surge del interés por observar, identificar, describir y comparar... see more