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Transposons 1 is the first part of a five-part series and is actually a six minute YouTube video that describes DNA... see more

This is the second video in a five part series. This video is almost ten minutes long and describes the main classes of... see more

The third in a series of five videos about transposons this video is six minutes long and describes the unusual... see more

Great simulation explaining how the treatment of HIV works in one type of drug that inhibits nucleic acid replication,... see more

Scientists and researchers are discovering and exploring new ways in which stem cells can be used in medicine. In the... see more

This site provides an array of animations pertaining to genetic disorders. There are animations on how normal meiosis,... see more

This video describes point mutations occuring during translation of the genetic code into Amino Acids

This is a tour of what a Chromosome is. 

A fun, highly informative video geared toward children. Describes DNA, protien synthesis, and cell activity and... see more is intended to serve as an education resource for the research model organism – Caenorhabditis elegans... see more

In this simulation, you will be able to study how a physician uses a pharmacogenetic test to help make key decisions... see more

This animation provides an overview of protein synthesis in Prokaryotes. It also presents some of the differences between... see more

This resource includes interactive animations about mRNA transcription, inhibition of growth in leukemia cells, and how... see more

This animation shows the bacterial process of geneic transfer termed, conjugation. 

Use this calculator to determine how many people will die in each age class per year. This calculator can be used for any... see more

This interactive punnet square allows the user to discover how various diseases are inherited.  Diseases include:... see more

A wonderful presentation with information and animations about most human genetic disorders

Great simulation explaining how spermatogenesis works to produce sperm, good voice tutorial, online, easy to display with... see more

The "Tree of Life", is a graphical representation of the relationships between approximately 3000 species.  This image... see more

דף מידע ובו סרטון בנושא בקרת שיעתוק הדנ"א על ידי אופרון הלקטוז. הסרטון מקושר לאתר YouTube . כלול במדור מאגר מדע באתר... see more

דף מידע בנושא תהליך הליגציה - חיתוך ה-DNA והחדרת מקטע DNA חדש לתוכו - ובו סרטון הממחיש את התהליך. הסרטון מקושר לאתר... see more

דף מידע ובו סרטון המסביר מהו הדנ"א, ממה הוא מורכב ומה תפקידיו. הסרטון מקושר לאתר YouTube . כלול במדור מאגר מדע באתר... see more

דף מידע העוסק בתהליך שעתוק הגנים כשלב ראשוני בתהליך יצירת החלבונים, ובו סרטון המתאר את תהליך השעתוק עם רכיביו העיקריים.... see more

דף מידע המכיל סרטון ובו תיאור של מבנה האריזה של ה-DNA בגרעין התא, מהרמה המשוחררת ועד לרמת הכרומוזום. הסרטון מקושר לאתר... see more